Abandoned: hackerato il canale YouTube di Blue Box Studios thumbnail

Abandoned: The studio’s YouTube channel was hacked

Abandoned: Blue Box Studios YouTube channel hacked thumbnail

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Blue Box Studios, the developers of the elusive Abandoned, has returned to talk about itself again during the past few hours, announcing that the Youtube channel of the Studio was hacked by an unspecified group of hackers. Given the past of the software house, however, there are many users who look with suspicion at this statement, assuming that it may be a marketing gimmick.

Abandoned: hacked the studio’s YouTube channel?

Here’s what you read in the Twitter post of Hassan Kahraman: “Blue Box’s YouTube channel has been hacked. Various people report receiving emails urging them to purchase Abandoned as a pre-order, but be careful. Please DO NOT open those emails and DO NOT transfer funds, we did not send those emails! ”. Words that surely worry.

Apparently, therefore, we would be faced with a full-blown hacker attack, with the group that perpetrated it having taken over the entire account of Blue Box consequently obtaining the list of all users subscribed to the channel. Having obtained the credentials to send the scam email, the hackers would have continued the scam by submitting a fake form to be filled in to successfully complete the fake Abandoned pre-order.

At the moment the whole story is still without further development, but in light of what we have seen this software house do in the past, it is more than legitimate to raise an eyebrow and look at this alleged attack with a minimum of suspicion. Blue Box Studios in fact, a few months ago it conducted a marketing campaign that was nothing short of misleading, aimed at tracing its title back to the famous designer Hideo Kojima, which turned out to be untrue.

We therefore await any confirmations or denials regarding the attack.

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