AcademyQue founder reveals the skills to be a successful programmer

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According to Andrea Ciofani, founder of AcademyQue, there are 6 skills (in addition to the strictly technical ones) that a programmer should acquire to be successful. The company is promoting the first bootcamp for programmers and software developers, which also offers training courses in digital marketing e copywriting.

Here are, according to him, the skills that it is necessary to possess and train to be successful, beyond the technical skills of the industry and the ability to put theory into practice. Knowing how to program by writing in code, therefore, is for example a skill that is taken for granted because it is part of the technical background.

The 6 skills to be a successful programmer, according to the founder of AcademyQue

  • Knowing how to organize your time

Being able to better manage your time and be productive, in a historical moment dominated by remote smart working, is essential for your performance and well-being.

  • Communicate with other business areas

It is also necessary to be able to relate to people who deal with other areas of the company, such as marketing. The goal is to improve interaction with colleagues and customers.

  • Self-motivation: sharing your successes with others

The work of the programmer tends to be lonely, and it is therefore important to share your results with other people so as not to create a sort of rift with other people. Remote work unfortunately increases this “danger” of isolation.

  • Have good writing skills

From communicating with colleagues, managers or customers, writing skills have proved essential to work in a context made up of emails, company chats and other types of non-verbal communication.

Attending meetings, training and refresher courses at least monthly is important to learn how to better relate to colleagues and become experts in other sectors as well.

  • Discipline and analytical skills

Before starting to work on a certain project and start writing the code, being able to understand its feasibility or any critical issues is an important skill to avoid wasting precious time.

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