Acer Connect Vero W6m: first eco-friendly Wi-Fi 6E mesh router

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Acer has recently introduced Connect Vero W6m, the first eco-friendly Wi-Fi 6E mesh router. Let’s find out together in this article

Acer has announced the arrival on the market of router mesh Acer Connect Vero W6mthe first Wi-Fi 6E router eco friendly which incorporates post-consumer recycled materials (PCR) in its chassis and has a Eco mode for low energy consumption. The router is powered by a 2GHz quad-core processor and includes a bundle of features improved connectivity, coverage and securityincluding functionality Wi-Fi 6E Tri-Band AXE7800.

Wayne MaGeneral Manager, IoB, Acer Inc., commented the following:

We are excited to expand Acer’s portfolio of networking devices with the launch of the Acer Connect Vero W6m Wi-Fi 6E Mesh Router, designed with support for Wi-Fi 6E tri-band connectivity to provide fast and secure connections with wide coverage network within any home or office. This high-performance router is also the latest addition to our ever-growing Vero line of environmentally sustainable products, demonstrating Acer’s commitment to fulfilling its environmental responsibility and helping to reduce its carbon footprint.

Acer Connect Vero W6m: first eco-friendly Wi-Fi 6E mesh router

Let’s discover the new Connect Vero W6m from Acer

This router has connectivity Wi-Fi 6E and complies with safety standards established by the European Commission’s Radio Equipment Directive. Able to support Wi-Fi 6E Triband frequencies (2,4 GHz/5 GHz/6 GHz) AXE7800the device offers speed up to 7.8Gbps to ensure fast and stable Internet connections when online.

The Wi-Fi 6E router can also be paired with up to 4 units and features impressive network reach, up to 465m² on a dual mesh system and up to 930m² on a quad mesh system, to help eliminate dead spots in larger coverage areas. Equipped with a state-of-the-art MediaTek quad-core A53 2GHz processor con 1GB LPDDR RAM e 4GB of memorythis router is designed to meet your high bandwidth needs.

The router also attaches great importance to data protection and data security, being the first router to pass EU cyber security standards EN 303 645 (RED). Along with Acer’s portfolio of performance-focused routers, including the Predator Connect W6 and Predator Connect W6d, the addition of the Vero Connect W6m router conveys the company’s commitment to deliver innovative connectivity devices that deliver quality, secure network connections for all types of users.

Acer Connect Vero W6m: first eco-friendly Wi-Fi 6E mesh router

Eco-sustainable inside and out

Acer’s commitment to the reduction of CO2 emissions it is reflected in every aspect of the router, from the chassis to the energy efficiency features. Also, the device uses 100% recyclable paper in packaging. The minimalist and compact aesthetic of Acer Connect Vero W6m is made with the 30% PCR plastic and painted in a pebble gray finish to blend into any office or home setting.

The dedicated function Eco mode optimizes the power consumption of the router and other connected devices, managing sleep time when they are not in use and efficiently regulating data rate distribution. There is still no certain news regarding the precise date of the sale of this product, nor its price. Therefore, in order not to miss these details or other news regarding the hardware universe, continue to follow!

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