Acer: expands stereoscopic 3D product offering

Acer: espande l’offerta di prodotti 3D stereoscopici

Acer expands stereoscopic 3D product offering with SpatialLabs View series displays

Acer announces two new products of the line SpatialLabs: SpatialLabs View for personal entertainment e SpatialLabs View Pro for a professional audience.

Both are displays 15.6-inch standalone 4K which can be connected to a PC giving users the possibility to access the SpatialLabs experience with a portable device.

Designed not only for competent creatorsthis generation of devices brings stereoscopic 3D technology without glasses to gamers and home entertainment enthusiasts as well.

Both i gamer quanto i creator of content will appreciate the lightness of the devices (less than 1.5 kg), which makes them easy to store in a backpack and will benefit from both the 100% coverage of the Adobe RGB color gamut, and the 400 nits of brightness.

SpatialLabs View offers a brand new platform gaming 3D stereoscopicawhile SpatialLabs View Pro is equipped with the technology needed to carry out projects, as well as an intelligent design that simplifies installation.

Acer: expands stereoscopic 3D product offering

SpatialLabs TrueGame: Gaming 3D stereoscopico in un click

SpatialLabs TrueGame is a new application that introduces the world of gaming to stereoscopic 3D, allowing users to enjoy their favorite titles in their full glory.

This is possible because video games are mostly created thinking in three dimensions: in fact, developers include depth information in every scene and object they build. SpatialLabs leverages this information to present content in stereoscopic 3D.

A dedicated preconfigured 3D profile will be available for each of the more than 50 supported titles at the launch of the device, offering gamers an impactful experience. New titles will be added regularly over time.

While these profiles rely on a large amount of information and require significant optimization work, the platform itself is incredibly intuitive to use.

After starting the TrueGame application, simply access your favorite title and then press “Play”. The application will do the rest, automatically launching the necessary files on the user’s system and activating the TrueGame 3D profile associated with the title to start the game in stereoscopic 3D mode.

This is a totally new way to play that offers a much more immersive experience than gamers have ever experienced before. Environments appear more spacious, objects seem truly solid and adventures become more exciting, all in real time and without the need for special glasses. When not playing it can be used as a standard 4K monitor.

Acer: expands stereoscopic 3D product offering

SpatialLabs Go: Transform 2D content into 3D

The proprietary Acer SpatialLabs Go solution is equipped with AI-based technology that allows you to generate stereoscopic 3D content starting from images displayed in full screen, all with a simple click.

The photographs “come out” from the screen, the simpler video games on the web become more exciting and the videos (online or offline) immediately become more immersive.

The user can thus generate their own content, taking photos or making videos with their devices. When assets are imported into the system, SpatialLabs Go can be used to generate simulated stereo 3D images.

SpatialLabs Model Viewer: A more intuitive way to create in 3D

Acer SpatialLabs View Pro makes life easier for content creators by supporting all common file formats, including support for Datasmithrecently added.

This means that creators can use design software 3D come Revit, Solidworks and Cinema 4D by installing Datasmith export plug-ins: when a project is ready to be viewed, it can be imported into SpatialLabs Model Viewer.

The integration of Sketchfab further simplifies the content creation process by giving users access to a large online library of free and premium 3D assets that can be leveraged for their own projects.

Since color accuracy is critical to design work, the display 4K 15.6-inch View Pro covers the 100% of the color range Adobe RGB.

As with previous SpatialLabs devices, Acer SpatialLabs View Pro includes numerous add-ons to enhance creators’ workflow in 3D.

For example the content can be taken from the 3D software and started in SpatialLabs Model Viewer with just one click. Additionally, Maya and Blender users can connect and edit content on a 2D screen while viewing changes made in stereoscopic 3D on Acer SpatialLabs View Pro, all simultaneously and in real time.

Acer: expands stereoscopic 3D product offering

Prices and availability

Prices and availability at Acer SpatialLabs View (ASV15-1B) will be communicated later. Specifications, pricing and availability vary by region. For more information

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