Acer Halo Swing: proviamo in anteprima il nuovo smart speaker

Acer Halo Swing: let’s preview the new smart speaker

We tested for you the new Acer Halo Swing, a smart speaker presented at CES 2023. Here is our Hands-On!

Acer introduces a new one to the market speaker portatile, which represents the top range in terms of Home devicein a sector that is quite rich and varied where it is difficult to make a difference, the Taiwanese producer has tried to make it decidedly distinctive and recognizable.

We specify that it is a Hands-On, or a preview test, the product in question is not yet in the definitive version, which is why it has not entered the commercial production lines, take these first impressions precisely as such , not being able to conduct in-depth specific tests.

No more talk, let’s find out more about this new Smart Speakerin order to finally draw the necessary conclusions.

Design and Construction | Preview Acer Halo Swing

Halo Swing is an elegant and compact Bluetooth Smart Speaker. The measurements of him make it quite portable, and it’s not too bulky. It is made of well-made plastic, but the predominance of canvas and fabric to protect the case body, would lead me to say that we only have some plastic ads. There is also a transparent base which expands by reflecting the light emitted, and which also acts as a charging base, even if, Acer Halo has its own power input. Well made and very sturdy.

Particular and little seen the Design, also because of the transparent particularity where it is possible to make different lighting effects, thanks to the inserted RGB. RGB which is very bright, with very faithful and sharp color reproduction clarity.

On the sides we find black bands that indicate access to the ports, for example the charging port. There is also a nice rotating handle, made of imitation leather, almost reminiscent of the classic strap of some watches. Useful to carry it with comfort and avoid accidental falls. Strap which is also removable.

At the top there are (we assume) 4 microphones well integrated into the design I must say, and without being intrusive, I would have preferred to insert it inside the body of the case as in countless models on the market, but it’s a matter of taste.

Fortunately, the product has IPX5 waterproof certification. Returning to the top panel, we have 4 interaction keys, a physical pressure one that concerns the microphone, which is used to disable listening. Another 3 press, respectively useful for raising and lowering the volume, and the Start/Play key.

Features and conclusions

The new Acer Halo Swing supports the Google assistant, and has DTS audio, which for such a small speaker can be just fine, too bad it doesn’t have Dolby Atmos. However, the Speaker has a small internal subwoofer, even if we do not know its size and capacity. The speaker has Bluetooth 5.2 and Wi-Fi 6, and a USB-C power port.

The presence of dynamic LEDs on the case body is nicein fact, once connected to a mother device, it will be able to access through Google services to weather information, temperature, and much more, to then show it along the surface. All with an elegant and minimal result. And, through a dedicated App, called Acer Halo App, you will be able to customize not only the information displayed, but also plays of light and various effects. These LEDs scattered around the case body and which “come out” from the fabric that covers it, will be able to display images, messages and much more, such as, for example, the wake up!

As far as battery life is concerned, the company pre-officially declares about 10 hours of continuous playbackgiven that however we cannot deny or confirm, therefore I report it for mere information. But how does it sound? Well, being still a Hands-On we can’t go into details, but the sound seems at least from the first impressions full-bodied and very, very high, it certainly doesn’t disappoint.

In conclusion, can it be a valid alternative to the classic Amazon, Apple and Google? We will find out in the future, when we have the opportunity to thoroughly test the product in the full review. We don’t know the price, foreign sources suggest that it should be around 199 Euros but take this unconfirmed figure with a grain of salt, we don’t even know the availability date.

Acer Halo Swing: let's preview the new smart speaker

Full review coming soon!

That was all for this brief preview of the new Acer Halo Swing, as repeated we will meet here in due time, with the complete review. If you want to keep learning about the latest news from the hardware world, keep following us. Greetings from