Acer: presented the new Aspire Vero 16 laptop and the new Predator Connect routers

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Acer recently presented the new Aspire Vero 16 laptop and the new Predator Connect routers. Additionally, it introduced its new line of Acer Aspire Go laptops

Acer recently launched the two brand new gaming routers Predator Connect X7 5G CPE and Predator Connect T7 Wi-Fi 7. These new routers use Qualcomm technology and introducing the world’s first 5G Wi-Fi 7 gaming CPE. Furthermore, the company presented the new Aspire Vero 16 AI laptop, equipped with the latest Intel CoreTM Ultra 7 processors equipped with Intel AI Boost. Underlining the commitment to achieve carbon neutrality, with a significant reduction in carbon dioxide emissions throughout the entire life cycle.

In addition, Acer has introduced the Acer Aspire Go line of laptops, available in 15.6 and 14 inch sizes. Featuring WUXGA displays, narrow screen bezels, up to 16GB storage capacity, 1TB SSD storage, and a host of features designed to enhance the user experience. Model Acer Aspire Go 14 features Intel Core i3 N series or AMD RyzenTM 7000 series processors, ensuring a smooth multitasking experience and flawless productivity. All Aspire laptops include Microsoft Copilot in Windows 11, with access via a dedicated key, and Acer PurifiedVoiceTM.

Acer: presented the new Aspire Vero 16 laptop and the new Predator Connect routers

Details on the new Acer Aspire Vero 16 and Predator Connect

Acer announced the new products as part of the expansion of its Aspire laptop lineup. Offering a wide range of options and designs to meet users’ daily computing needs. The Aspire Vero 16, belonging to the Vero product line, it is powered by the new Intel CoreTM Ultra processors with Intel AI Boost and supports Wi-Fi 7. Acer is committed to ensuring the carbon neutrality of the Aspire Vero 16, following international standards for calculating the carbon footprint.

Targeted actions are taken at every stage of the device’s lifecycle to minimize the carbon footprint, with the addition of high-quality carbon credits to achieve emissions neutrality. The Intel Evo Edition Aspire Vero 16 laptop has increased the percentage of post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials in the chassis. Doubling the quantity compared to the 2021 model, combining eco-friendly innovation with the performance of a high-quality PC.

The new range of Acer Aspire Go 15 and Aspire Go 14 notebooks aims to meet the daily needs of mainstream users and families. The Aspire Go 15 are equipped with Intel Core i3 N series processorsenhanced memory, comprehensive peripherals and Acer PurifiedVoiceTM technology. Aspire Go 14 also includes AMD RyzenTM 7000 series processors. Both models are equipped with the latest AI technology, with an intelligent assistant with Copilot in Windows. The latter accessible via a dedicated key, along with Acer PurifiedVoice for clear conference calls.

New Acer Aspire Vero 16 and Predator Connect: eco-friendly design

The Aspire Vero 16, Presented as a carbon neutral AI PC with exceptional performance, it integrates a new design and the latest management features. The Intel Evo Edition laptop is equipped with an Intel Core Ultra 7 processor with Intel AI Boost. Offering a high-level user experience, high productivity and long battery life, up to 10.5 hours on a single charge. With Copilot in Windows and generative AI, the laptop intelligently assists users in their daily tasks. The AI ​​PC’s 1440p QHD webcam with Acer PurifiedVoice ensures crystal-clear audio and sharp video during conferences.

The Aspire Vero 16’s eco-friendly design features a smooth surface with an iconic Cobblestone Gray color and a frame that uses 60% PCR material. reducing CO2 emissions during production. The OceanGlassTM touchpad is made with ocean-sourced plastic, and the packaging is 100% fully recycled, EPEAT Gold registered.

To ensure that user experience is not compromised, Aspire Vero 16 is equipped with a host of features that enhance collaboration and support various lifestyles. 16-inch WQXGA display with narrow bezels and 16:10 aspect ratio offers a wide view. While compatibility with Wi-Fi 7 and features such as Bluetooth LE Audio, two USB Type-C ports (Thunderbolt 4 and USB 4) and an HDMI 2.1 port ensure hassle-free connectivity. Aspire Vero 16 also includes AcerSenseTM for battery management and performance modes, and Intel Unison 2.0 for device and operating system integration.

Acer: presented the new Aspire Vero 16 laptop and the new Predator Connect routers

Aspire Go15 and Go

The Aspire Go 15 and Aspire Go 14 they are designed to be affordable and efficient for everyday use. Equipped with Intel Core i3 N Series processors and, in the case of Aspire Go 14, also with AMD Ryzen 7000 Series processors. Both models offer up to 16GB of LPDDR5 RAM and a 1TB M.2 PCIe Gen3 SSD for ample storage. With a low-bezel design and up to 16:10 aspect ratio, Aspire Go laptops offer expansive views with WUXGA and FHD panels. Both models feature Copilot in Windows with a dedicated key for ease of use during daily tasks and using applications.

Additionally, the Aspire Go 15 and Aspire Go 14 incorporate recyclable materials in the cover and packaging and are registered with Energy Star and EPEAT Silver. The new Aspire models will be available on the Italian market, with Aspire Vero 16 scheduled for March starting from 1,299 eurose Aspire Go available starting from April with prices starting from 399 euros.

Not just Acer Aspire Vero 16: here are the new Predator Connect routers

I nuovi Predator Connect X7 5G CPE e Predator Connect T7 Wi-Fi 7 Mesh Router they offer fast connections and low network latencies, providing an optimal wireless gaming experience. The Predator Connect Meanwhile, the Predator Connect T7 Wi-Fi 7 Mesh Router offers fast and stable wireless connections thanks to Wi-Fi 7 and support for Qualcomm Multi-Link Mesh technology.

Both routers come with Hybrid QoS software, compatible with Intel Killer Prioritization Engine. They also support Multi-Link technology, which increases bandwidth, workflow and improves network reliability. With advanced quad-core processors from Qualcomm Technologies, the X7 and T7 models offer extremely fast connectivity for gamers and streamers. Supporting Wi-Fi 7 and offering an improvement in MU-MIMO and OFDMA standards across all connected devices.

We are excited to introduce the new Predator routers with 5G and Wi-Fi 7 connectivity, allowing gamers to reach new levels of gaming,

Wayne Ma said, General Manager, Connectivity at Acer Inc. In collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies, Acer aims to bring superior performance and speed to a wide range of players and gaming environments. Acer’s Predator gaming routers represent a notable advancement thanks to the implementation of the new Wi-Fi 7 Predator models, which take advantage of wireless technologies from Qualcomm Technologies. These routers are capable of double the speed compared to Wi-Fi 6, offering more flexibility and better performance for gamers. These results are achieved thanks to Wi-Fi 7’s significantly reduced latency, more effective interference management, high bandwidth and consistent performance for connected devices.

Acer: presented the new Aspire Vero 16 laptop and the new Predator Connect routers


Il Predator Connect. Offering speeds of 3.5Gbps over 5G and ultra-low latency of 1ms. With dual connectivity via 5G and Ethernet, the Predator Connect T7 Wi-Fi 7 mesh router offers fast, wide and reliable network coverage. Both Predator gaming routers include network acceleration and are compatible with the Intel Killer Prioritization Engineproviding advanced network data discovery and optimized prioritization for games, apps and websites.

Wi-Fi 7 features, such as support for 320 MHz channels, 4K QAM, and Multi-Link operations, improve router performance. Allowing devices to simultaneously send and receive data on different frequency bands and channels. Gamers can control routers through the Acer Predator Connect application and monitor network signal strength via the multi-colored Predator logo indicator light. For security, the devices are integrated with the Trend Micro Home Network Security engine, which protects networked devices from potential attacks and analyzes network traffic.

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