Acer supports Bologna Game Farm

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Bologna Game Farm is a project that aims to develop the videogame sector and was promoted by Emilia Romagna region and from Municipality of Bologna with the partnership of Acer. The project has now come to life with the presentation of the prototypes of the video games that will take part in the acceleration program. The presentation event took place at the Biagi Auditorium in Salaborsa.

Acer supports the Bologna Game Farm project with its gaming devices

Acer, as a partner of Bologna Game Farm, will provide i computer ed i monitor gaming that will be used within the Art-ER greenhouses, the basic coworking space for the training activities managed by IIDEA, the reference association of operators in the Italian videogame sector. The project was born with the aim of strengthening the managerial and entrepreneurial skills of Emilia-Romagna, developing relations between the videogame sector and the regional innovation ecosystem. The four Emilian realities (MAGARI SRLS, FAMA LABS, GREEN FLAMINGO SOC. COOP. And the freelancer Luca Appio) have been selected within the project and will receive a contribution of 30 thousand euros each.

The company comment

Tiziana Ena, PBU Head at Acer, declares: “The support for Bologna Game Farm is further evidence of our attention towards one of the sectors with the greatest potential for growth, both globally and above all nationally. The latest research on the state of health of the sector confirms an important growth trend, which our history requires us to support in order to make our contribution to an industry that in Italy is coming out of the pioneering phase and is preparing to enter that of the flood. economic, but also social and cultural affirmation “.