Achille Lauro arrives in the metaverse with a new project

Achille Lauro arriva nel metaverso con un nuovo progetto thumbnail

Disruptive, chameleonic and eccentric. In one word: artist. Between quotes and references, between rock guitars and trap shades, Achille Lauro has imposed itself on the Italian public, and is now preparing to also invade the metaverse. In fact, the project was born Directed by Achille Lauroan incubator of creative ideas and experiences curated by Lauro De Marinisthe real name of that stage animal we have come to know.

Directed by Achille Lauro will arrive in 2023, and will consist of a space dedicated to the various expressive forms of the artist. From fashion to design, obviously passing through music and related experiences.

The trailer for Directed by Achille Lauro: in the metaverse next year

“Art, music, fashion, design and digital experiences”. So says the announcement teaser, while we see an avatar walking through a sort of virtual museum that showcases Lauro’s various “paintings”. The official press release describes the initiative as an “incubator of ideas, creative experiences, physical and digital works, collaborations with emerging and established artists from the world of art, fashion and design that also develops in a metaverse created in collaboration with Valuart “.

In the metaverse it will therefore be possible to admire the creative and aesthetic concepts conceived by the artist Achille Lauro and his team during his career. Such as the iconic dresses of Sanremo 2020 and 2021, made in collaboration with Alessandro MicheleCreative Director of the House of Gucci.

“I like to express creativity in its most absolute forms: music, art, the digital world” says Achille Lauro. A continuous contamination between arts, unconventional and free. I am happy that the ‘Directed By Achille Lauro’ project opens up to the metaverse, a parallel virtual dimension still unexplored by the general public. ‘Directed by Achille Lauro’ is driven by an unstoppable propensity to explore multiple fields of application, a universe of ideas, stories and visions to be told and brought to life in a completely new way “.

Directed by Achille Lauro

The project was carried out in collaboration with Currency type, a company specializing in the support and enhancement of artists in the digital market, owner of the Hadem app. The latter is a space in the Multiverse entirely in Unreal Engine 5.

Achille Lauro’s debut in the metaverse is anticipated by a series of NFTs on il November 4th. These are five works of art already previewed last July 5th on the Milan date of the “Achille Lauro Superstar” summer tour. The proceeds from the sales will go to support the Maria Letizia Verga Committee association for the study of child leukemia.