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Acronis, the global leader in Cyber ​​Protection, today announces Acronis Cyber ​​Protect Home Office (known as Acronis True Image). The flagship solution for personal protection that reflects its evolution from backup software for data and systems to a single and complete integrated tool for Cyber ​​Protection going to include next generation antimalware, best backup in the industry and simplified management.

But not only: Acronis Cyber ​​Protect Home Office includes enhanced core functionality and more advanced performance than cyber security, essential for a truly protected digital life.

Acronis Cyber ​​Protect Home Office: the evolution at the service of users

Businesses rely on the constant availability and integrity of their data, while private users everywhere in the world send and receive large volumes of confidential information over remote connections. In response, cybercriminals have increased the scale and complexity of their attacks: today, with advances in automating these threats, there is no target too small to hit.

Since 2017, Acronis has been improving its solutions to adapt them to the latest issues. When ransomware threats started directly affecting backup files, Acronis was the first to integrate specific anti-ransomware defenses into a personal backup solution.

In 2021 it further expanded its focus on Cyber ​​Security, adding features that include effective anti-malware anti-malware, cryptojacking protection and web filtering. The early personal backup has evolved into a personal Cyber ​​Protection solution that protects not only backups but also devices.

The characteristics of the product

Acronis Cyber ​​Protect Home Office (the new name of Acronis True Image) integrates several features that counteract the latest cyber threats and ensure complete data protection. The unique integration into a single solution of Cyber ​​Security and backup makes protection easier and more convenient, but also offers advanced capabilities that standalone solutions do not have, such as automatic recovery of data damaged during a ransomware attack.

Proven advanced anti-malware detects and stops even the latest threats in real time, including zero-day attacks never before detected. Lhe protection extends to popular software, such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams video conferencing applications, preventing attackers from accessing data in transit.

“The last two years have definitely changed the landscape of the sector, no user is too small to be targeted anymore”, comments Candid Wuest, VP of Acronis for cyber protection research. “The unique quality of our business solutions is integrated cyber protection. Combining cybersecurity and backup is the only way to keep your critical data truly protected. We now offer Acronis Cyber ​​Protect Home Office to better protect everyone and the home office, despite the challenges of remote work and distributed IT infrastructure. “

“As more people continue to work from home, we see a steady increase in global cyberattacks targeting remote workers as cybercriminals rely on home offices to be far less protected,” comments Larry O’Connor, CEO Other World Computing Inc., an Acronis customer. “Backup without cybersecurity is a door without a lock and this year we are bound to have an intrusion. No other solution provides simple, efficient and secure cyber defenses like Acronis Cyber ​​Protect Home Office ”.

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