Action, strategy, sport: which are the videogames of the moment not to be missed

Action, strategy, sport: which are the videogames of the moment not to be missed

Action, strategy, sport: what are the videogames of the moment not to be missed? Let’s find out some of them in this article!

The video game market is constantly evolving and periodically offers new releases capable of attracting the attention of fans. Whether it’s sports or action games, puzzle or board games, the catalogs present titles that are truly suitable for everyone: here are some of the most interesting proposals of these months.

Action, strategy, sport: which are the videogames of the moment not to be missed

FIFA 2021, the most loved football game continues to evolve

When we talk about FIFA we are referring to one of the football video games that made history: in fact, since 1993, the game developed by EA Sports has glued millions of fans to the PC or TV screen. In almost 30 years, FIFA has experienced numerous evolutions, up to truly incredible levels of realism, and it is precisely for this reason that the latest version on the market, namely FIFA 2021, could not be missing from this list.

Available on major platforms, from PS4 and PS5 to Xbox, up to Google Stadia and an app version for mobile devices, FIFA 21 is not just a football game, but a real simulator of the most loved sport in the world. The gameplay is now ever closer to reality, even from a technical and tactical point of view, not to mention graphics that faithfully reproduce stadiums, outfits and even every facial feature of the individual players. Very interesting, then, is the possibility of starting a career as a coach, with a very articulated management of the various aspects that concern the team.

In short, for those who love football and sport in general, FIFA 21 cannot be missing in the video game collection to be used daily.

Fortnite, the battle royale that has dominated the scene in recent years

Also this year Fortnite presents itself as one of the most used titles ever. The well-known free-to-play multi-platform of the battle royale genre is preparing to record dizzying numbers also in 2021, also thanks to the numerous innovations that Epic Games periodically provides for its flagship video game.

The updates concern both the purely playful aspect, with the inclusion of always new plots and characters, but also the more technical one, with continuous improvements in terms of graphics and overall performance. Whether you choose to play it from PC, console or smartphone, Fortnite once again promises users to guarantee a highly engaging gaming experience in all its modes.

Action, strategy, sport: which are the videogames of the moment not to be missed

Lots of news also for the world of digital casinos

If the news is all about twists and turns and technological innovations, certainly a more traditionalist sector, such as that of online casinos, does not lose its enamel. In this context, there are always numerous proposals available on portals and genre apps, with platforms that bring online slots and many other titles to PC and mobile devices, all with a realism and dynamism capable of generating involvement even in those who overlook for the first time in this world.

The apps and portals dedicated to digital casinos continue to invest in security technologies and systems, so as to improve day by day not only the user experience, for example through systems for live gaming or virtual reality, but also the levels of protection. of personal and payment data, an aspect that especially in this sector represents a very important lever towards users.

The unmissable fourth episode of Crash Bandicoot

Speed, joy and a pinch of madness have always been the characteristics of Crash Bandicoot, a video game that has been involving and thrilling players of all ages since the mid-90s. Initially developed for the PlayStation only, over the years the Naughty Dog title has become one of the most popular games even on different platforms, from Nintendo DS and Wii to Xbox.

The fourth episode of the series, released last October, keeps the promises of the eve by bringing to the screens an improved version compared to the past and made more current, despite an unchanged base. Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time is presented as a cross-platform adventure with two game modes, one with checkpoints and the other with a limited number of lives, in which the collection of collectibles remains one of the central objectives.

Crash Bandicoot 4 will please both the “newcomers” and the nostalgic of the first versions, uniting different generations under the banner of the purest fun.