ADATA has won six Red Dot Design Awards

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ADATA set its record for winning awards by earning six Red Dot Design Awards for the excellence of its designs

ADATA, module manufacturer DRAM high-performance, NAND Flash products, mobile accessories, gaming products, electric thrusters and industrial solutions, announced that it has received sei “Red Dot Design Awards 2022” for the excellence in the design of the aforementioned. Award winners include XPG CASTER and SLAYER DDR5 DRAM, XPG ALPHA and PRIMER mouse and ADATA ELITE SE920 and SE880 external solid state drives (SSD).

The Red Dot Design Awards honor ADATA’s best products

The Red Dot Design Award is a globally recognized award that rewards innovative companies, praises design excellence and ultimately recognizes those responsible for the trends of tomorrow. In addition, an international jury of experts in design with a variety of backgrounds evaluates each proposal on the merits. Below you will find a more detailed description of the ADATA products that have received an award:

    • Designed for gamers, esports athletes and content creators, the high-performance XPG CASTER DDR5 DRAM helps the target group achieve more, with performance up to 6400 MT / s and data rates up to 7000 MT / s. Whether it’s gaming, 3D rendering or editing, the CASTER lets you manage them with ease. The product design reflects the latter’s promise, including communicating its high performance, premium positioning and XPG brand spirit.
    • The XPG SLAYER DDR5 is a flagship memory module that aims to bring superior performance to PC gamers and enthusiasts. As a top-of-the-range DRAM module, it sports a premium appearance dominated by two metal surface treatments, one glossy and one matte. The module also uses grooves, intersecting geometric lines and a beveled surface for added effect.
  • XPG PRIMER Gaming Mouse
    • The XPG PRIMER is a gaming mouse that hardcore and novice gamers appreciate. It offers comfort even during the longest sessions by sporting a non-slip textured PBT cover that is sweat resistant and comfortable to hold. In addition, it has the ideal weight for perfectly balanced and precise movements.
  • XPG ALPHA Gaming Mouse
    • The XPG ALPHA gaming mouse is the result of several years of ergonomic research into shape and design. Developed based on data collected over two years by XPG’s award-winning “ProjectHEADSHOT” (including “Red Dot Design”, “Taiwan Excellence” and “Golden Pin” awards) ALPHA is the culmination of extensive manual scan data collected from all over the world. The ALPHA mouse features aesthetic contours that facilitate excellent ergonomics for comfortable gaming and interesting visual appeal.
    • The ADATA SE920 is a new generation USB4 external SSD. USB4 achieves read and write speeds of up to 4000MB / s for data transfer speeds that are four times faster than USB 3.2 drives. On the outside, the unit sports a minimalist design with contrasting sandblasted and brushed finishes. It also features a sliding top cover with a mechanism that, when raised, exposes an air vent and activates a built-in fan for effective heat dissipation. Sliding the cover also activates the LED lights. The device is meant for content creators on the go looking for effective cooling and a slim yet elegant design.
  • ADATA ELITE SE880 external SSD
    • The ELITE SE880 is an external SSD that uses the next generation USB 3.2 GEN2 X2 interface for fast and efficient data transfer speeds. It is meant for professionals on the go; the device also sports an ultra-portable, lightweight form factor and is roughly the size of an AirPods case. The clean and minimalist design of the device communicates professionalism, refinement and utility.

ADATA has won six Red Dot Design Awards

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