ADATA Premier Extreme SDXC SD7.0: ottenuta la verifica SD7.0 dell

ADATA Premier Extreme SDXC SD7.0: SD7.0 verification obtained

ADATA, a manufacturer of high performance DRAM modules, NAND Flash products, mobile accessories, gaming products, electric thrusters and industrial solutions has announced that its Premier Extreme SDXC SD7.0 Express Card, equipped with an SMI SM2708AB controller, is the first SD Express Card in the world to pass the SD Association’s SD Express Verification Program (SVP).

A very important verification result, as it confirms that the SD Express Card is capable of meeting the stringent SDA interface standards for performance and reliability. The Premier Extreme SDXC Express Card will therefore allow users to take full advantage of the latest SD Express enabled laptops.

“Thanks to their compact size, SD cards have been and continue to be a mainstay for content creators, professionals and general users despite their lower capacities than other storage devices”, said Ibsen Chen, ADATA’s Director of Product Marketing. “However, with the SVP verified ADATA Premier Extreme SDXC SD7.0 Express card, we are offering users an SD card that meets the standards of a modern world where high-quality content and fast data rates are the norm.”

Ultra-compact, but works like an SSD
With support for PCIe Gen3x1 and NVMe standards, the ADATA Premier Extreme SDXC SD7.0 Express card is capable of providing read and write performance up to 800/700 MB / s: about 1.5 times faster than SATA SSDs. Compared to UHS-II SD cards and UHS-I SD cards, it is about 2.7 and 8 times faster, respectively.

But that is not all. The Premier Extreme SDXC Express Card is in fact backward compatible with the UHS-I standard. As a result it can be plugged into digital cameras to take high quality photos or 4K video and thus also plugged into a PC that supports SD 7.0 for seamless editing or playback. The performance enhancement offered by PCIe Gen3x1 and NVMe puts the ADATA Premier Extreme SDXC SD7.0 Express card on par with solid state drives, but with one major advantage: that of size.

The Premier Extreme SDXC Express Card supports UHS-I standard video equipment, with a read and write speed of 100MB / s, and complies with video speed class V30. This means she is fully qualified to work with leading 4K Ultra HD video recording applications to help
users to create high-quality, professional-grade content. The Premier Extreme SDXC Express Card is
equipped with 256GB or 512GB of capacity to provide ample storage for a variety of needs.

Safe and reliable over time
The data, inside the SD, is safe. The product is equipped with error correction technology to ensure
the accuracy of the data. In addition it is: waterproof, shockproof, X-ray, static electricity and tested for
operate optimally at high and low weather temperatures.

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