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ADATA: presented the new memories of the ACE series

In the last few hours, the ADATA company presented its brand new memories of the ACE series

NEEDLE (here for more about the company), is a leading manufacturer of memory modules, USB flash drives, memory cards, solid state drives, portable hard drives and gaming peripherals. The company today unveils its latest series of memory modules for creators, the ADATA ACE series. Creators can choose between two models depending on budget and performance requirements. That is the ADATA ACE 6400 DDR5 ed ACE 3600 DDR4. The series also includes a limited edition ACE 6400 DDR5 module that features a one-of-a-kind design created in collaboration with a German designer. All three modules support Intel XMP for uncompromising overclocking. What’s more, they are built with high quality, low latency chips and are compatible with the latest Intel and AMD platforms.

ADATA: presented the new memories of the ACE series

Great performance and lag-free multitasking

As a creator, it is often necessary to switch between applications to perform multiple tasks such as uploading files, editing, rendering or transferring files. In addition, increasingly frequent software updates take up valuable resources and thus affect memory performance. ADATA understands that creativity should never be limited and therefore has developed the memory of the ADATA ACE series. With ACE series memory modules, creators will enjoy improved performance that will allow them to be more productive and creative. By supporting theIntel XMPmodules can overclock for blazingly fast performance, whether for graphic design, video editing, or even the most demanding 3D processing needs. ADATA ACE DDR4 3600 e DDR5 6400 they come in a double 16GB kit.

Made with high quality chips specially selected for stability

The integrated circuits of the ACE memory modules were subjected to rigorous screening and testing to ensure reliability, the compatibility and stability required by creators. In addition, the ACE 6400 DDR5 is equipped with a power management integrated circuit, which provides stable power and saves energy. Its integrated circuit also features On-Die ECC, which automatically corrects errors for maximum consistency and reliability.

ADATA: presented the new memories of the ACE series

Sober elegant design

The memory modules of the ACE series are characterized by a clean and sophisticated design. A concentric circle design gives them a simple yet sophisticated look that sets them apart from other memory modules. Their heat sinks are made with high quality aluminum and processed with the technology of nano-imprinting. This gives them a multidimensional look with different shadow effects depending on the viewing angle.

For users looking for something a little more vivid and unique, ADATA also offers the limited edition ACE 6400 DDR5. The module features bold colors and a vibrant pattern that represent the unique personality of the ADATA brand. It was designed by the German designer and illustrator Mister Fred. His works are characterized by particular lines, bold colors and bizarre expressions. Through illustrations and models, he aspires to project to the world how beautiful diversity and individuality are. Only 520 units of this module will be available.

And you? What do you think of the new ones ADATA ACE series memory ? Let us know with a comment and stay tuned to for more news and reviews from the world of technology (and more!).

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