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Adobe Brings AI to Photoshop: Here’s How It Works

Will be Photoshop Adobe’s first application in the Creative Cloud package for iintegrate Firefly, generative artificial intelligence already presented last March. Thanks to this new feature, Photoshop will be able to create professional images and complete graphic content, speeding up the work of graphics professionals. According to Adobe, theFirefly’s artificial intelligence will become a real co-pilot, without replacing the user’s work.

Artificial intelligence arrives Firefly arrives in Photoshop

Available, for the moment, in beta version, Firefly will be one of the Photoshop tools. Users will be able to take advantage of the tool and the Generative Fill function to go to expand a graphic content, add items and complete a given project. Users will be able to choose between three options, going to act directly on the levels of the project.

Adobe clarifies that it will be a co-pilot. In essence, the tool will be able to help Photoshop users complete their work, supporting them and not replacing them. How AI will actually be implemented by Adobe and used by Photoshop users, however, remains to be seen.

Over the next few months, once the beta program ends, the tool will be available to everyone. Only then will it be possible to have a more precise idea of ​​the real capabilities of the system, destined to change the way Photoshop is used forever. We will know more shortly.

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