Adobe Firefly porta l'intelligenza artificiale generativa nel nuovo editor thumbnail

Adobe Firefly brings generative AI to the new editor

Adobe Express innovations are now available for desktop web with the introduction of Firefly, which brings theGenerative AI in the new all-in-one editor. Thanks to these new features, creating content will be even easier and more fun.

Adobe Firefly now available for desktop web

Users who want to make social videos, edit images, customize PDFs and produce designs can now do it with Adobe Firefly per Express. An absolute novelty that brings artificial intelligence to the editor, available in the beta version for desktop web. The new version of the app revolutionises creative expression by making it even easier, faster and more fun. A suitable tool for users of any skill levelbuilt for designing and sharing great content.

adobe express

The new Adobe Express editor based on generative artificial intelligence offers all users the ability to create impactful design elements. From videos to images, to animations and content for Instagram, TikTok and other social channels. Firefly integration lets you quickly generate custom images and text prompt effects in over 100 languages. Furthermore, thanks to Creative Cloud, the user can access, edit and work easily with Photoshop and Illustrator creative assets directly from Express.

New assets for content creation

Adobe Firefly also introduces new videos, multiple page templates and design elements, offering even more inspiration for creating high-quality content. The new all-in-one editor offers nearly 200 million assets including video and design templates, royalty-free Adobe Stock images, and nearly 22,000 fonts and icons, backgrounds and shapes. PDF support also makes it easier import, edit and enhance PDF documents to create engaging content.

Generative AI offers greater power, helping creators quickly find the right solutions for their design projects. Personalized recommendations are a valuable resource for crafting unique and high quality posts for social media, videos, graphics and more. Plus, real-time co-editing and seamless review and comment capabilities help speed up your authoring processes even further.

Finally, the app is enriched with quick actions useful for creating GIFs and PDFs and a number of functions such as Fade In, Pop, Flicker, Bungee. Con Animate from Audiopowered by Adobe Character Animator, characters come to life with gestures and lip movements synchronized with recorded dialogue.

Availability of Adobe Express

Adobe Express is used by millions of users around the world and is accessible for free in the web desktop version. Creative Cloud subscribers also benefit from Express Premium included in the plan. With the introduction of Firefly powered by generative AI, Express is even easier to use and useful for business and creative models. Adobe’s intention is to bring the latest version of Express to mobile devices as well. Find out more about Express and Adobe’s digital innovations on the official site.

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