Adobe: here are new updates for Fresco and Photoshop for iPad

Adobe ha rilasciato nuovi aggiornamenti per Fresco e Photoshop per iPad thumbnail

On May 10, Adobe released new updates for Fresco and Photoshop for the iPad.

A “graft” that offers creatives the opportunity to bring their artwork to life with greater precision and accessibility through new tools. So let’s see what the updates are:

  • In Adobe Fresco it was introduced the ability to edit any area of ​​an image with the Liquify function, quickly select a colored area with the Magic Wand and easily navigate the keyboard and locate content on the workspace with new accessibility features.
  • Su Photoshop per iPad instead, the ability to select and refine small details of a portrait photo in a single click has been integrated, the ability to remove the background of a photo quickly and accurately and finally, with the introduction of the Content-Based Fill function, It is now possible to fill the selected part of an image with content sampled from other points in the image.

So many functions for both software then. “Fresco” focuses more on the chromatic vision of the images, while for Photoshop we look at everything that makes up the photo, and which does not exclusively concern the subject.

The road is therefore mapped out for the two software work teams, which aim for 2022 full of commitments and initiatives for further developments and exchanges with users.