Adobe launches a series of digital tools inspired by David Bowie

Adobe lancia nuovi strumenti digitali per i creators ispirati a David Bowie thumbnail

The new collaboration between Adobe e Bowie 75the campaign celebrating the life of David Bowie, brings new tools for creators to the Creative Cloud. A true tribute to an icon not only musical, but of 360 ° creativity. In our article dedicated to the White Duke we accompanied you on a journey through his most iconic characters, including also Ziggy Stardustwhich this year marks the 50th anniversary.

The partnership is called Adobe x Bowieand brings new tools available to creators on Photoshop, Illustrator, Fresco, Substance e Adobe Express.

The new Adobe tools inspired by David Bowie

The idea comes from the model that Bowie represented for the whole world: creativity, innovation and above all the ability to express oneself. Hence, the new tools include:

  • A range of makeup brushes which bears the name of some of his greatest hits, such as “Ashes”, “Changes”, “Major Tom” and “Queen Bish”.
  • Adobe’s pattern samplerwhich allows creatives to choose the fabrics and patterns of Bowie’s best-known dresses to transform them into something completely new.
  • Brightly colored backgrounds and props in 3D Substanceinspired by David’s posters and album covers.
  • A pack of stickers that incorporates the iconic graphics of the English artistsuch as Aladdin Sane’s famous lightning bolt and Ziggy Stardust’s astral sphere.

The new digital tools are available free of charge. Bowie fans are also invited to create their own characters and share their designs using the hashtag #AdobexBowie. The range includes over 150 graphics, color swatches, vectors, patterns and stickers, created by Tina Touli, Kae Neskovic, Tabea Mahern e Thomas Hedger. They can be used in all Creative applications Cloud including: Photoshop, Photoshop for iPad, Illustrator, Illustrator for iPad, Fresco, Adobe Express and the Substance family. Additionally, 18 digital brushes created by Kyle T. Webster they can be used in Photoshop, Photoshop for iPad and Fresco.

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