Adobe Premiere Pro is increasingly intelligent: goodbye to fillers and background noise

Adobe Premiere Pro sempre più intelligente: addio ai riempitivi e ai rumori di fondo thumbnail

In May Adobe Premiere Pro has been enriched with a new feature: text-based editing.
In essence, artificial intelligence transcribes the content of the video and allows you not only to find specific points in the video but to edit it only using the text, indicating what to cut without struggling on the timeline.
Now, however, the American giant’s software takes a further step forward.

Adobe Premiere Pro: what’s new this fall

Text-based editing has been welcomed with open arms by editors around the world. It will soon evolve further thanks to the “filler word detection“, i.e. the ability to identify fillers such as “er” and “uhm” to help eliminate these dead times and make the conversation really fluid.

Also coming soon is a feature called “enhance speech”.
Think about that time you recorded a video in a crowd and the audio wasn’t very clear.
Or how you were convinced you had connected the external microphone and instead recorded with the camera ones.
With “enhance speech” you can once again exploit artificial intelligence to transform unclear speech into audio that almost seems to have been recorded in a studio. This option, borrowed from Adobe Podcast, allows you to remove background noise and echo to clean the track.
According to the demo we witnessed, the result is surprising, albeit with a voice that seems metallic and artificial. On the other hand, however, you even have the possibility of mixing background noise and voice, so you can keep the buzz of the crowd if you wish, but counting on clearer speech that is easily distinguishable from the rest.

Adobe Premiere Pro enhance speech update

The autumn update also promises improved performance in timeline managementadditions on the color correction front with optimized LUT management, rapid troubleshooting to identify problems and anomalies with plugins so as to disable them on the fly and, above all, automatic project recovery, so missing something when working with Adobe Premiere Pro should become virtually impossible.

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Updates also for After Effects and

You will also benefit from the autumn update After Effectswhich sports a new engine with the intent of becoming a place dedicated to photorealistic 3D graphics processing.
As? Proposing the “AI Powered Rotoscoping“. In essence, you can separate the subject from the background even more immediately, thanks to the artificial intelligence that analyzes the selection to understand if you have left out something that should actually be included. The goal is to speed up the workflow, saving time and still ensuring accurate work.

You can also have fun at define the type of ambient light.
In what sense?
Imagine you have a three-dimensional image. After Effects allows you to upload a stereoscopic photo of a studio with its lights and then apply that light setting to your image. This way you will have specific 3D lighting inspired by a real set.

Adobe Frame io side by side compressed

News also coming for Frame.iowith the visuale side by side to compare two contents – videos, images, PDFs and audio – and add comments visible to the rest of the team.
It also gets boosted Camera to Cloud, i.e. the functionality that allows you to automatically load the footage from the video camera. First of all we have 5 new products supported: Atomos Ninja and Ninja Ultra, Accsoon Seemo and Seemo Pro and Fujifilm GFX-100ii.
It also arrives Storage Connect to use your space instead of Adobe’s. Because it is important? First of all because it helps keep costs down and secondly because you maintain control of your data in terms of security, storage and privacy. All this while relying on the same performances guaranteed by the use of Adobe’s cloud.

Frame io Storage Connect

When is the fall update coming?

The news is available in beta starting today, September 13th.
The update, however, does not yet have an official date. We are talking about a generic “autumn 2023“.

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