Adobe: presentati Photoshop Elements 2024 e Premiere Elements 2024

Matteo De Filippi

Adobe unveiled the new Photoshop Elements 2024 and Premiere Elements 2024 software with improved AI. Let’s discover them together in this article

Adobean American software house leader in the video and digital graphics sector, has the objective of provide high quality products, but which are also highly intuitive. Not only expert people therefore, but also novice users who know little or nothing about video editing or graphics.

Precisely in this sense, the company recently presented the new ones Adobe Photoshop Elements 2024 e Adobe Premiere Elements 2024. These products feature a latest AI-enhanced version with new features for an amazing editing experience. This update offers a new interface with a fresh lookmaking it easier than ever to go from quick fixes to total transformations.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 2024: here are the main features of this version

The improvements presented by the company can already be seen at the first start, with new fonts, icons, buttons and modern colors which put less stress on the eyes. It will also be possible Choose between light and dark modefor a more suitable experience for all users.

Thanks to Adobe’s artificial intelligence, we will now be able to enhance or replace a single area of ​​a photo with a single click. Common one-click interventions are now at your fingertips, making photo editing fast and seamless. You can blur or remove the background, make skin smoother, remove fog or colorize a photo and much more with just one click.

Society has therefore made everything easier and more intuitive, allowing us to perform complex actionswhich would otherwise have taken longer, in a few seconds. Also, thanks to 62 Guided Edits it will be possible to make simple changes, personalized creations or captivating effects step by step. These are also designed for the less accustomed, so that everyone can carry out the retouching in total autonomy.

Adobe Premiere Elements 2024: here are the new features of the version

As with Photoshop Elements, this is now possible Select from built-in presets or use your own photos or videos to easily adjust the intensity, saturation and brightness. Automation powered by Adobe AI Quickly turn clips into videos that attract attention by focusing on movement, close-ups and high-quality footage.

It will be possible Experiment with effects like Reverb, Vocal Enhancer and DeHummer to improve the listening experience. Furthermore we can also highlight key moments or add modern graphics to enrich your videos. Also in this case the Guided Edits will help us to make quick corrections or creative effects, fluid transitions or captivating animations, although this time there are solo 26 Guided Edits.

There are also important innovations introduced in the web application and companion mobile app. You can add fun patterns that frame your subject or create depth, automatically enhance tone, remove backgrounds, correct white balance and more with just one click in Quick Actions. However these are only available in the English beta.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 2024 e Adobe Photoshop Elements 2024 sono available for purchase as a single license or together in a bundle which will allow you to save something. You can purchase them directly on the official website or on Amazon. What do you think of these new software versions? Let us know yours in the comments. To ensure you don’t miss any further news regarding the software universe, continue to follow!

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