There’s a new Apple Pencil, but for whom?

C'è una nuova Apple Pencil, ma per chi? thumbnail

There’s a new one Apple Pencil. And you don’t necessarily realize it.
Understandable, after all Cupertino hasn’t planned a big launch, a big announcement or an inclusion in the always engaging keynotes.
A post on the official blog, the words News on the website and that’s it.
However, don’t make the mistake of underestimating this new product because, in reality, it could be right for you.

How is the new Apple Pencil?

The design recalls that of the second generation: matte finish, a flat part that magnetically attaches to iPads and the ability to replace the tip if necessary.
However, there is a substantial difference: by sliding the cap you access a USB-C port which allows you to pair the pen with the iPad and charge it when you need it. In short, it does not recharge magnetically like the second generation but, when attached to the Apple tablet, it goes into stand-by to save battery.

You can then count on same precision of the sisters and so oni latency imperceptibility, sensitivity to tilt and the “hover” function, which detects its presence without contact with the screen, allowing you to write and draw with even more precision.

So what changes between the first and second generations?
There’s no pressure sensitivity, no wireless pairing, no double-tap support for changing instruments on the fly, and you can’t have it engraved before shipping.

What about compatibility? These are the models with which you can exploit it:

  • iPad Pro 12.9″ 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th generation;
  • iPad Pro 11″ 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation;
  • iPad Air 4th and 5th generation;
  • iPad mini 6th generation;
  • iPad 10th generation.

And the others?

image 1

Well, the others remain in place, available for purchase both in store and online.
It is therefore not a replacement of the models we have learned to love but an addition which expands the options available to the user, especially considering that Many iPad owners don’t use the pen to work or draw at a high level. There is a huge segment of users who have chosen the pen to write, take notes, and underline books and PDFs.
In short, activities that require precision and reactivity but, for example, not sensitivity to pressure.

So who is this pen dedicated to?
Use the Note, maybe even to organize and correct PDFs? Then it’s for you.
Take advantage Freeform to collaborate with colleagues? It’s fine for this too.
Create creative stickers for the Messages app? You will have a blast.
But you can also take normal annotations, animate your photos, fill out and sign forms and documents without going through the computer and much more.

New Apple Pencil: the price

new Apple Pencil USB C for those who need it

Less features = lower price?
Absolutely yes.

The new Apple Pencil will be on sale at the price of 95 €with availability starting from the beginning of November.
The prices of the first generation – €119 – and the second – €149 remain unchanged.

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