Adobe mette la generazione di immagini AI di Firefly al centro di Photoshop thumbnail

Adobe puts Firefly's AI image generation at the heart of Photoshop

Adobe announced important news regarding Fireflyits AI-powered image generation tool, which it has put at the center of the experience Photoshop. The company also presented Image 3 Model, the new AI model that promises to create more accurate and versatile images. And judging by the demonstrations Adobe showed us, it works very well.

Firefly at the heart of Photoshop to generate images with AI

Adobe introduced Firefly to Photoshop last May. And the company explains to us that it has become the fastest adopted feature in the history of its softwarealready generating more than seven billion images. Not only that: this success contributed to the growth of Photoshop, with a 30% increase in subscribers and greater use of the application.

Now, Adobe is rolling out Firefly's new Image 3 Model at the heart of the Photoshop (beta) experience. And the goal is to provide creatives with everything they need, from the idea through to editing and image production. With AI tools that seemed really interesting to us.

Adobe puts Firefly AI at the center of the Photoshop experience

Adobe Firefly Photoshop Generate Image Circular Neon PortalAdobe Firefly Photoshop Generate Image Circular Neon Portal

From idea to final image, without ever leaving the application: Photoshop wants to become the one-stop destination for all graphics. There generation of images from text (Generate Image), in fact, becomes the first option that users see when they open Photoshop, right next to “Import image“. A paradigm shift: before generative AI, Photoshop was used to modify images, while now it is used to create them.

So you can now choose the type of image, even adding reference images or effects, and ask the AI ​​powered by Image 3 Model to generate it. Second Erin Boyce, Senior Director of Adobe Creative Cloud Product Marketingwith this innovation “the blank page will no longer be scary”.

AI to generate and modify

Although the quality of the images created by the AI ​​seems excellent (also thanks to well-thought-out prompts), no Photoshop professional will be satisfied with the image, without modify it. Fortunately, AI plays a role in this case too.

Adobe Firefly AI PhotoShop Generate Background Perfume CampaignAdobe Firefly AI PhotoShop Generate Background Perfume Campaign

For example, using Generative Fill, the tool for automatic filling. It also benefits from the new Image 3 model, offering better quality and more control over reference images. With Generate Background, users can create wallpapers easily, in a rather impressive manner. You can also provide reference images here, to show the style and colors you would like to see in the image.

In the end, Generate Similar allows you to view new versions of an object (to find the one that best suits your tastes), while Enhance Detail allows you to improve the quality of the images generated.

Generate Similar Heirloom Tomato Adobe Firefly PhotoshopGenerate Similar Heirloom Tomato Adobe Firefly Photoshop

Adobe has also introduced new tools and features for perfecting images, such as the ability to fix brushes, improve fonts and presets. AI plays a fundamental role even when it is not “generative”.

What's new in Image 3 Model

Alexandru Costin, VP of Generative AI at Adobeinstead explained to us that Image 3 Model stands out for its accuracy in the creation of photographic images, but also offers the possibility of generating vector images and different styles of illustrations. The structures are better, with straighter lines and a more coherent style.

Hyper realistic cordyceps mushrooms in pupil prompt output 1Hyper realistic cordyceps mushrooms in pupil prompt output 1

During a demo, we saw for example how Image 3 Model has a high level of fidelity even for complex requests. John Metzger, Product Management Director di Adobe Photoshop, asked the model to create marine organisms whose structure resembled an eye. And if other models would have generated unreliable images, Adobe's AI immediately seems capable of good results. And by providing reference images to define the subject and desired style, the image comes out truly realistic — while still being fantastical.

Another generated image, however, featured a bear playing a guitar. Guitars created from Image 3's generative models feature very straight lines, a result difficult to achieve with previous models. (The hands also seem better than the competition, but they are still not very precise). It also improves light management. And there is a great choice of positions, styles and colors, even when you require realistic images.

Rainbow bear playing guitar prompt Image 3 AdobeRainbow bear playing guitar prompt Image 3 Adobe

When Metzeger then provides an image of an electric guitar for reference, the implementation in the image is nearly perfect — and very quick. The function Structure Reference allows you to combine an image and a text request to create a wide range of different styles that respect both inputs.

AI continues to evolve (but we need to put transparency at the center)

In comparison with Image 2, Adobe's previous model, we note that the lines in the photorealistic images generated by Image 3 are straighter and more precise. And, in general, it seems to us that the most evident leap in quality is in the photorealistic images, which are decidedly improved.

News that several users of the Adobe software suite will soon be able to use. Besides Photoshop, too InDesign benefit from the new features of Firefly, with the beta version of Text to Image also available in this software.

Adobe InDesign Firefley image generationAdobe InDesign Firefley image generation

After announcing the technological innovations, Adobe explains to us that it takes the AI-related risks seriously. And it continues to focus on transparency, ensuring that its models cannot generate images protected by copyright or containing logos. The company is among the founders and main promoters of Content Authenticity Initiativeand all images generated by Firefly are certified to avoid the spread of fake news.

If you want to try the new features announced by Adobe for Photoshop (and not only), find more information on the official website.

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