Adobe tools are the most used among the films in competition at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival

Gli strumenti Adobe sono i più utilizzati tra i film in concorso al Sundance Film Festival 2023 thumbnail

For the fifth consecutive year, Adobe’s video editing tools are the most used by directors competing at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival. This was revealed by a recent survey conducted by the Sundance Institute. The report shows that 67% of the films presented at the Festival used Premiere Pro software o

Adobe al Sundance Film Festival 2023

More generally, Premiere Pro is confirmed as the most popular video editing tool of the entire event, being used in over half of the titles in the competition. Some examples are the films Plan C, Going Varsity in Mariachi, Sometimes I Think About Dying and Fremont.

“I like how intuitive and collaborative Premiere Pro is,” he said Meredith Perry, Editor of Plan C. “Premiere Pro helped us stay on track during editing. Adobe’s tool provided us with specific functions that were essential for the making of this film, such as the mosaic effect, which was an artistic and flexible option, which we used to blur the faces and which it has proven crucial in protecting our participants from violence or prosecution.”

Opinion also shared by Daniela I. QuirozEditor of Going Varsity in Mariachi, who said:
“I have been using since 2018 and since then, collaborating in the cloud with producers during post-production has been a real game changer. The integration with Premiere Pro made the editing process much more efficient, allowing me to get more work done in less time using Adobe Premiere Pro and Creative Cloud.”

“Premiere Pro worked flawlessly during the production of Devotion. It fits my editing style consistently and has some benefits for visual effects, like color correction and sound,” he said. Billy Fox, Editor of Devotion, which began streaming on Paramount+ starting January 8. “We also worked remotely, and Premiere Pro’s collaboration functionality made it easy to work anywhere and as efficiently as when we were sitting next to each other in the same facility.”