AEG presents the first washing machine with UniversalDose

La nuova lavatrice AEG è provvista di UniversalDose: adatta a tutti i detergenti thumbnail

The new AEG washing machine is a perfect synthesis of versatility and technology. UniversalDose is designed to be used with all detergents and PODS, dissolve 60% faster than when placed in the basket.

AEG presents a washing machine equipped with UniversalDose

Liquid detergent for the more traditionalists, in dust for those looking for maximum whitening efficacy or in pads for those who put practicality first, even in domestic activities: whatever the type of preferred detergent or softener to wash your own laundry, UniversalDose from TIME is theresingle drawer able to adapt to everyone’s habits, enhancing the properties of each detergent and thus ensuring maximum effectiveness on fibers and fabrics.

Featuring a patented design, the new washing machine drawer developed by the historic brand ensures a perfect dissolution of all types of detergents, even in short cycles it’s at basse temperature. Clearly indicated, the compartments I am divided according to their use: there is the one reserved for the powder detergent for the pre-wash and soak, that for the fabric softener, and a small container designed for the main wash, to be inserted in case you use a liquid detergent.

In the upper part of the drawer we find it instead special compartment for PODS e pads. These, thanks with customized water jets, they come dissolve 60% faster than when placed in the basket. Just select the Pods option from the washing machine dashboard and the function will remain active for subsequent cycles. Just disable it manually to remove it.

Currently available in the 8000 Series L8FEE16VX AEG washing machine, the innovative UniversalDose drawer will be supplied on other models in the coming months.

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