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Against the Storm: All the news of the new free update

Here comes Grace of the Harpies, the new free update to Against the Storm that introduces a new playable species, 11 never-seen-before buildings and more.

Grace of the Harpies: le Arpie arrivano su Against the Storm

Graceful but at the same time thirsty for blood: Harpies are the fourth playable species of Against the Stormintroduced with the update Grace of the Arpies. From today not only beavers, humans and lizards then, but also beings that are far from harmless that pose new challenges to the players. They also come eleven new buildings, including the Bath House, which will serve to meet a new need of the villagers: cleanliness. Moreover it is now possible to choose a Caravan, with up to two species. Here is the official update trailer that illustrates all the news of Grace of the Arpies.

This is the ninth update of the video game which, since last year’s release, has already seen the introduction of several new features. Among these we point out:

  • New biomes: coral forest and cursed woods
  • Multiple new bonuses, orders and decorations
  • Over 300 community-inspired changes.

The latter seems to be a theme very dear to the developers of Eremite Games, which put a lot of effort into meeting the needs of the players. Not by chance 61% of all game changes come from user feedback. The harpies themselves were introduced after a community survey.

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