AGM Glory G1S: revolutionary thermal imaging camera in a 5G rugged smartphone

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Here is AGM Glory G1S, a latest generation rugged smartphone that integrates a high-performance thermal imaging camera

Rugged smartphone manufacturing specialist AGM Mobile has just released the latest of its 5G Glory G1s products. AGM Glory G1S is equipped with the best thermal imaging technology available on the telephony market and reaches a rate of 25 frames per second and a resolution of 192 x 256 pixels. Users will have a clear and smooth thermal imaging camera, delivering an exceptional experience and meeting professional needs, such as home inspection, electrical shorting or water leak detection.

AGM Glory G1S: revolutionary thermal imaging camera in a 5G rugged smartphone

The thermal imaging camera

Installing a thermal imaging camera in a 5G phone is revolutionary for AGM and the industry. A thermal imaging camera can cost anywhere from $ 100,000 to $ 500,000 depending on the sector where it is used. Their shape, resolution, focal distance, frame rate, and even the mechanism of operation vary greatly. However, the purpose does not change. They are all sensors built to identify heat from a distant location. By distinguishing objects with different temperatures and measuring them with exact figures, the thermal imaging cameras detect overheatingwithout directly touching the faulty location, preventing burns and protecting users.

Thermal imaging sensors are larger and different from traditional camera sensors. The property of far infrared radiation makes it very difficult to install a thermal imaging camera in a phone. Install the thermal imager in a phone it’s a challenge that goes beyond building a thermal imaging camera or a telephone. Via the 5G connection, users can send every measurement and video for fast and efficient communication.

AGM Glory G1S: revolutionary thermal imaging camera in a 5G rugged smartphone

AGM Glory G1S: between 5G and thermal chamber

At the beginning of the 5G era, everyone believed in a network for industrial solutions. Now here it is, a phone with thermal imaging and 5G connectivity. You won’t need those complicated cables and complex connections between different devices. AGM Glory G1S offers an app installed directly inside the phone, simplifying measurements and data transfer. Austin, the co-founder of AGM Mobile, says:

Just like the transition between iPhone and iPod. The iPod is a great music player, but the iPhone is a better iPod. Today, we are replacing heavy and uncomfortable thermal imaging cameras with a better phone, a 5G phone equipped with all the advanced thermal imaging technologies.

The cameras and processor ensure the basic functionality of the G1S. In terms of performance, the AGM Glory G1S surpasses almost all other rugged phones. As Glory’s name suggests, the G1S is also a fearless explorer of rugged outdoor technology. Glory G1S is a model derived from the Glory Pro. However, due to its specialization in the thermal imaging camera, it renounces other functions to ensure good quality measurements. Also mounts a 48MP main camera, 20MP infrared night vision camera, 5500mAh boosted battery, processor Snapdragon 480 5G and most importantly, the same thermal imaging camera as the Glory Pro. For over 10 years, AGM has focused on the development and production of rugged devices. G1S has a 5500 mAh battery that guarantees over 3 days of autonomy. Provides more than 13 hours of video viewing or 27 hours of calling.

Last year, AGM released the revolutionary AGM Glory series which includes AGM Glory, AGM Glory SE e AGM Glory Pro. These three phones are equipped with the world’s first cold-resistant mobile battery which allows users to discover the extremely cold environment. They have been welcomed by most snow-capped mountain enthusiasts and cold zone travelers. That’s all from the mobile devices section, keep following us!