AGON by AOC: ecco il mouse gaming AGM600

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The AGON AGM600 gaming mouse from AGON by AOC is particularly suitable for esports enthusiasts and hardcore gamers

AGON by AOCone of the world’s leading brands of gaming monitors and IT accessories, introduces the gaming mouse AGON AGM600dedicated to fans of esports and, to the hardcore players of FPS and action games. Featuring a design ergonomic and comfortable, textured thumb rest with gripping surface, 10 customizable buttons and RGB integration, the AGM600 will be a coveted piece for the most competitive gamers to hit their opponents with precision. The AGM600 mouse is certified by technology NVIDIA Reflex for extreme responsiveness and low latency.

AGON by AOC: ecco il mouse gaming AGM600

Millimeter accuracy

Players consider the mouse an essential tool for beating opponents in competitions. The ideal mouse must be able to withstand the most demanding conditions and meet the most complex needs. A good mouse for an esports player is similar to a warrior’s sword – it has to be ergonomic, resistant, precise and versatile on every occasion.

Sensore Pixart PMW3389

The new AGON AGM600 gaming mouse is equipped with a well-known and proven sensor, the Pixart PMW3389, which is capable of supporting excellent resolution of 16,000 points per inch, an acceleration of 50 g and, a precision tracking of 400 inches per second.

This sensor is essential to ensure precise and fast movement on both the desk and the mouse pad, without interruptions or defects. Also, thanks to the frequency of polling di 1 ms / 1000 Hz, the connection between the mouse and the game is continuous. Equipped with switches Kailh Extremely durable, with a capacity of 80 million clicks, and a metal scroll wheel, the AGM600 is built to last.

AGON by AOC: ecco il mouse gaming AGM600

Ergonomic arch shape

Thanks to its ergonomic arch shape, the AGM600 supports both “palm” and “claw” grips for the right hand. The protective layer UV opacodelicate to the contact with the skin, guarantees a comfortable feeling on the hand, while the side panels with double silicone injection, ensure a secure grip to prevent the mouse from slipping from the hand of the gamer during long gaming marathons on hot nights. summer.

The Teflon feet on the bottom of the AGM600 ensure easy maneuverability on different types of mats or surfaces. Lightweight but strong, the AGM600 weighs approx 115 g (without cable), the ideal weight to slide easily and stay precise even in the most adrenaline-pumping situations. With its 1.8m long braided cable for added strength, the mouse stays securely connected to your PC via USB.

NVIDIA Reflex certified

The mouse also received technology certification NVIDIA Reflex, which highlights its low latency and responsiveness. This also means that when the mouse is connected to a monitor, the technology Latency Analyzer, as well as the AGON PRO AG254FG or the AGON PRO AG274QG, is able to accurately display the total system latency for each component. This way, gamers can identify lags in their systems to ensure they are competing with the lowest possible latency.

AGON by AOC: ecco il mouse gaming AGM600

Show your style

AGM600 is equipped with 10 customizable buttons in total. In addition to the durable buttons right leftthis mouse is also equipped with a wheel-button metal slide and three side buttons (forward / backward and sniper button), easily accessible with your thumb. In addition, under the scroll wheel, the AGM600 has two buttons to easily increase or decrease the DPIa very useful function when users need to decrease the DPI for maximum accuracy or increase them to be able to easily cover the entire display with the cursor.

During a fight, for example, the dedicated sniper button can be held down to move the PPE quickly, making it great for perfect sniping. Finally, it features two additional buttons next to the left mouse button, which by default allow users to adjust the volume.

Wide range of customization

The mouse of a professional gamer, in fact, it could not be complete if it were not customizable. For this, the AGM600 offers a wide range of customization thanks to the software G-MenuAOC’s hub for total control of all functions of monitors, keyboards, headphones, mice and other accessories.

On the front surface, to illuminate the AGON logo and the underside, the AGM600 is equipped with LED RGB Light FX, which can also be synchronized with selected AGON or AOC Gaming products, to light up in unison. RGB lights can also indicate the selected DPI setting.

AGON by AOC: ecco il mouse gaming AGM600

Save up to 2 profiles

They can be saved in the AGM600 two profilesthus ensuring the ability for esports players to use their personal settings in esports tournaments or events, where they are not allowed to install or use third party software, such as G-Menu.

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