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AGON by AOC: launches an esports monitor

Convenient and super-fast, AGON by AOC presents 25G3ZM / BK, a 24.5 ″ flat gaming monitor with high contrast and 240 Hz, let’s find out together in this article

AGON by AOCone of the world’s leading brands of gaming monitors and IT accessories, presents AOC GAMING 25G3ZM/BKa flat gaming monitor from 24,5″ (62.23 cm) with a refresh rate of 240 Hzresponse time GtG di 1 ms e MPRT di 0,5 msperfect for more hardcore gamers competing in titles esports fast-paced. Thanks to the Fast VA panel, the monitor 25G3ZM/BK combines a fast framerate and fast responsiveness with vivid and intense colors, a wide gamut and a high contrast ratio of 3,000: 1. The new AOC GAMING 25G3ZM / BK, excellent both in the most captivating games from a visual and story driven point of view, and in the most competitive esports titles, will be available starting from October with a list price of €239.

AGON by AOC: launches an esports monitor

Get into action right away

The AOC GAMING 25G3ZM / BK, is a great option for those players who upgrade their own PC to get to the heart of online competitions and ranked matches. Compared to larger displays from 27″ o 32, the size of 24.5 ″ is ideal because it allows gamers and esports enthusiasts to be able to concentrate on the full screen thus ensuring that they do not miss a single target in their peripheral vision. Thanks to the native resolution Full HD (1920 × 1080) on the 24.5 ″ screen, the 25G3ZM / BK produces razor sharp images with a pixel density of 90 PPI.

The Full HD, less demanding for the modern ones GPUallows for very high framerates, allowing users to get the most out of their 240Hz monitor. Thanks to the feature Motion Blur Reduction (MBR), the 25G3ZM / BK monitor reaches a MPRT of suns 0,5 ms, eliminating blurring or smearing even in fast-moving scenes. Adaptive-Sync support with a variable refresh rate of 48-240 Hz, guarantees a stutter-free and tearing-free gaming experience. Additionally, the low input lag of the 25G3ZM / BK monitor allows users to get instant visual feedback of their actions.

AGON by AOC: launches an esports monitor

VA technology

Thanks to panel technology VAthe monitor offers a contrast ratio of 3000:1a color depth of 8 bits for 16.7 million colors and a cover sRGB del 100%, making it ideal for gaming, for various multimedia content and even for creating digital content. Thanks to the wide viewing angles of 178°/178° and, at 300 nits brightness, the 25G3ZM / BK monitor offers comfortable viewing in almost any environmental condition. Also, the technology Flicker-Free and, the low blue light setting improves viewing comfort both day and night.

Built for even the most intense gaming sessions, the 25G3ZM / BK offers sturdy support to 4 legs for the smallest possible footprint, while still allowing for ergonomic alignment that includes extensive swivel and tilt adjustments, 130 mm in height, pivot (90 ° vertically). The opening in the stand is suitable for cable management and helps reduce the clutter on the desk, while the mounting option VESA and, the borderless design on three sides makes it easy to use even in multi-monitor environments. The 25G3ZM / BK can be connected to three sources thanks to a port DisplayPort 1.2 e 2 porte HDMI 2.0.

AGON by AOC: launches an esports monitor

Software AOC G-Menu

The software AOC G-Menu can be used to change settings OSDsuch as the Dial Point (viewfinder overlay), perfect for titles FPSor it Shadow Control, to bring out the details in the darkest points without having to modify the whole image, and the Frame Counter to show the frames per second in the corner of the screen. The 25G3ZM / BK is also compatible with the latest generation consoles (PS5 and Xbox S and X series) and allows you to view the output with a resolution of 1920×1080 a 120 Hz.

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