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Agreement between Telepass and Neocogita for road safety

Telepassleading company in Italy for integrated and sustainable mobility services based on Apps, e Neocogitean Italian company specializing in neuroscience and wellbeing products and services, sign a agreement. It consists in the distribution in Italy to all Telepass customers of Anurathe technological solution, created by NuraLogix Corporation, which allows you to measure some vital parameters and the general state of well-being through a video-selfie.

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What the agreement between Telepass and Neocogita is about: Transdermal Optical Imaging-TOI

The agreement speaks of an understanding that will allow for the expansion of the ecosystem of services offered by Telepass. Therefore, free of charge and on request, you can take advantage of a series of measurements of your vital parameters that allow you to have an assessment of your general well-being.

At the request of users, the technology Transdermal Optical Imaging-TOI will allow to measure and monitor some vital parameters through face scan. The technology used, patented and contactless, in fact uses sensors optical imaging which capture light reflected from a person’s face and analyze it to detect changes in facial blood flow. The user who chooses to use this feature will be able to activate the camera of his smartphone and will see the measurement results in just 30 seconds.

mimoto Telepass Pay min

mimoto Telepass Pay min

A simple, fast and safe system to monitor the main vital parameters, such as heart rate and blood pressure. It will be called driver check, and it has been expressly defined for Telepass, exclusively, with the aim of detecting those “signals” that can affect safety on the move, with particular reference to driving.

Telepass is set up as the first partner in Italy that will use TOI technology in this area, reaffirming the central role that innovation and attention to customers have in corporate strategies to have a positive impact on many aspects of people’s lives.

Neocogita, what is it

Neocogite was born in Rovereto (Trento), an area that hosts some of the main poles of neuroscientific research in Italy and in Europe. Among the most important laboratories: the Center for Mind and Brain (CIMeC), the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) with the Center for Neuroscience and Cognitive System, the Bruno Kessler Foundation and the Department of Cognitive Sciences of the University of Trento.

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