AI Pin by Humane, the smart pin with ChatGPT is coming

AI Pin di Humane, la spilla intelligente con ChatGPT sta per arrivare thumbnail

Humane is about to throw AI Pinthe smart pin that will take advantage of ChatGPT to provide an innovative interaction, without using screens. A truly different device compared to the smartphone, which has the ambition to change our relationship with technology.

AI Pin, Humane’s smart pin that uses ChatGPT

Documents obtained in advance by The Verge describe the device, offering a detailed overview of the Pin’s features. The device positions itself as one wearable smartphone without screenoffered to $699 with a monthly subscription fee of $24.

The device looks like a square clip that clips onto clothing or other surfaces, with a replaceable battery pack, for keep it active during the day. Powered by a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon, the device uses camera, depth and motion sensors to track its surroundings. Without a screen, the Pin offers a new way of interaction: via voice commands, laser projection of information on the hand, gestures and built-in touchpad.

Il Pin operates as a standalone device, requiring a monthly subscription which includes the Humane wireless service based on T-Mobile network (at least in the US), cloud storage, access to AI models and more. The operating system, called Cosmosdiffers from traditional app systems, calling on various AI and tools when necessary, similar to ChatGPT’s plugin system.

The device, powered by GPT-4offers features like writing personalized messagesthe language translationfood recognition for nutritional information and support for Tidal music streaming with a customized “AI DJ”.

The official launch of the device in the next few days, when we will also be able to understand if the device will arrive outside the United States. We will keep you posted.

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