AI Writer, here is the Contents tool to create texts with AI

AI Writer, ecco il tool di Contents per creare testi con l'AI thumbnail

Contents announces the new tool AI Writer, a tool that allows you to create content in real time using artificial intelligence. In a second you can create a text of 500-800 words in different languagesoptimized for SEO to be well positioned on search engines.

Contents launches AI Writer, the artificial intelligence to create content

You just have to give a brief instruction in natural language, to receive a list of subtitles which will constitute the content structure. You can then add and remove, edit and enhance subtitles, and then generate the paragraphs with AI. A real collaboration between the writer and artificial intelligence.

The final result is a text composed of up to seven paragraphs, of about 80 words each, in Italian, English, French or Spanish. You can thus reach a large audience, in a simple way.

Francesco Magnocavallo, Chief Product Officer of Contents, explains: “AI Writer is a tool based on a Natural Language Generation technology, called NLG, which uses artificial intelligence to produce textual content. It is our new Generative AI product, which facilitates and speeds up the work of creatives. AI proposes itself as an assistant and not as a substitute for the editor: editorial automation always presupposes journalistic thinking and a final revision, as well as new technical skills “.

Magnocavallo explains: “The copywriter profession is transforming at the speed of light: prompting, that is the ability to give functional instructions to the machines that generate text and images, is the new skill needed to keep up with market innovation “.

AI Writer is the seventh tool of, designed to help content creators from concept to creation. Leaving AI to do the chore to focus on what matters.

As he explains Massimiliano Squillace, CEO of Contents: “We are proud to continue to offer concrete help to companies to communicate, sell and perform better, listening to their needs and constantly innovating to compete in the global technological panorama”.