Aidoo, il climatizzatore per la casa per questa pazza primavera thumbnail

Aidoo, the home air conditioner for this crazy spring

With the beginning of April, temperatures gradually rise and give us cool mornings and warm afternoons. However, we know that the thermometer could still drop suddenly, and the central heating systems will soon be turned off. In fact, to ensure maximum comfort, the ideal solution is the optimized control of heat pumps, duct and wall air conditioners. THE air conditioners, thanks to their ability to cool or heat rooms in a short time through an air system, they are the fastest solution. And with air conditioning Aidoo by Airzonethe control of these systems – even if of an older generation – becomes even simpler and more effective.

Aidoo, the perfect air conditioner for the home

Aidoo it is the only device that integrates perfectly with ducted air conditioning systems. Furthermore, it is also an excellent solution for wall and fan coil air conditioners as it guarantees complete and efficient control of the system. His compatibility with most of the existing brands it allows you to control even the older units, thanks to the special interfaces programmed with the original manufacturers’ protocols. With Aidoo, it is not necessary to replace the existing system to enjoy the benefits of a modern and efficient control system, but you can simply integrate the device to significantly improve the comfort experience.

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Remote control thanks to the Airone Cloud app

Thanks to the possibility of regulating each system even remotely, using a simple smartphone or computer, you always have the best check of each environment, guaranteeing a unique and personalized comfort experience. For example, you can adjust your home’s air conditioner when you’re at the office if the weather suddenly changes, or schedule your workplace systems to turn on or off to make sure you get home on Monday with the rooms at the right temperature.

All this is possible thanks to theapp Airzone Cloud, which remotely manages all Aidoo appliances connected via cable to each air conditioner or fan coil, creating customizable scenarios and routines for each situation. The direct connection allows an optimal control of the single appliance and also of the system as a whole in an easy and effective way, guaranteeing a very high level of reliability.

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