I robot pulitori di piscine Aiper arrivano in Europa e in Italia: ecco la serie Seagull thumbnail

Aiper pool cleaner robots arrive in Europe and Italy: here is the Seagull series

Get ready, because the world of cleaning robots is eager to expand. After making us dream at this year’s CES, AIPER announced that i Seagull series pool cleaner robots they will arrive in Europe. Thanks to the partnership with Nitial, the company will also introduce its products in Italy. Aiper’s line of robotic pool cleaners has taken consumer robotic technology by leaps and bounds by revolutionizing it with dozens of patents. In fact, Aiper’s innovations allow robots not only to operate underwater but also to move on the vertical walls of the pool, adopt innovative dirt containment systems and much more. It has likewise made it simple and intuitive to use for consumers.

But let’s start with order (and cleanliness)!

Pool VS Robot: let’s discover the Seagull series

The range of Aiper pool robots, distributed in Italy by Nital, will be available from this year and will consist of four models which vary in size, price range and features. The four robots of Seagull family I am: Seagull SE, Seagull 800, Seagull Plus e Seagull Pro.

  • Seagull SE & Seagull 800– These two robots are designed for owners of small pools (up to 80 m²). Has a’autonomy of about 90 minutes and a recharge, from 0 to 100, less than 2.5 hours. They feature a hydrodynamic design that allows them to glide easily over pool surfaces optimizing battery performance and increasing power in the dirtiest areas. Furthermore, the Seagull SE also has a special dispenser to simultaneously sterilize the water
  • Seagull Plus – is the second most advanced product in the line and as such, boasts improved features, such as an efficient 2.5 hour battery life and anautonomy up to 110 minutes. This robot is ideal for larger pools (up to 120m²) thanks to its powerful suction technology and for the dual motor system that allows it to move easily. The Seagull Plus, as well as the previous models, has a convenient automatic parking function, LED indicators to easily check the battery charge status and a nylon collection tray for dirt

The top of the Range: Seagull Pro

Il Seagull Pro it is top of the range and is designed for large in-ground or above-ground pools up to 300 m². In fact, it has a battery that allows it to operate continuously for 3 hours and get the most out of its power. We are dealing with one of the most advanced wireless pool robots on the market. Among other things, it features the world’s first quad motor system, which generates a powerful underwater movement through the suction and rapid discharge of water. The robot is able to vacuum dirt, sand, leaves, hair and other particles present on the pool floor more efficiently

Among the characteristics that differentiate it from the other members of the family, we find the WavePath underwater navigation technology, which allows the robot to systematically clean a pool through a unique waveform, expanding the coverage of the cleaning area. The device also has three distinct cleaning modes: floor cleaning, wall cleaning and automatic mode, which cleans both the floor and walls of the pool by taking advantage of the product’s ability to climb walls.

For all the information on prices, availability and where to buy them, we refer you to the Aiper Italia Official Website.

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