Aiper presents the Seagull Pro, the pool cleaner robot, at CES 2023

Aiper presenta al CES 2023 il Seagull Pro, il robot pulitore per piscine thumbnail

AIPERa globally operating manufacturer of wireless robotics, presented the CES 2023 of Las Vegas his new device, the Seagull Pro. He was also awarded with the Innovation Award Honoree.

Aiper al CES 2023 con il Seagull Pro

The Seagull Pro, as well as the Seagull SE, are both robotic pool cleaners. They are wireless, with a battery life of hours, to provide deep cleaning for both in-ground and above-ground pools up to approximately 300 square meters. The Seagull Pro manages to suck up all the dirt, such as sand, leaves, hair deposited on the bottom in a very efficient and safe way.

Aiper at CES 2023, WavePath technology

Another important feature of the Seagull Pro is the WavePath technology, which allows the product to clean a pool using a wave jet, thus covering a larger area within the bottom. There are three cleaning modes: floor, walls and automatic mode.

Aiper, the Seagull Plus and the Seagull SE

The Seagull Plus and SE are Airper products with a lower cost, have a battery recharge time of 2.5 hours and a runtime of up to 110 minutes. Designed for smaller pools, they have powerful suction technology and an after motor system that allows them to glide easily along the floor to collect dirt.

Prices and availability

The Seagull SE can be found online now through and for $299.99, combined
with Elite Pro for $799.99. Also coming to the website and Amazon,
the Seagull Plus will be available for purchase starting in February for $399.99.

Aiper, what is it

Aiper is the global leading creator of environmentally friendly and cordless robotic pool cleaners in. Each Aiper product is designed to minimize pool cleaning time. The goal is to enjoy moments in the pool with friends and family.