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Aiper Surfer S1 and the Seagull series at IFA Berlin 2023

AIPER led toIFA Berlin 2023 his first wireless pool skimmer robot, the Surfer S1, a really interesting technological innovation for those who want to keep their pool clean in the simplest way possible. No more screens and elbow grease: Aiper’s technology takes care of it.

Aiper Surfer S1 and the Seagull series at IFA Berlin 2023

The writer has worked for years in a swimming pool: the net for cleaning the surface of the water was an extension of our arm. Even if we would have gladly done without it. So, it is with a mixture of amazement and envy that we follow the announcement at IFA Berlin 2023 of the Surfer S1, an intelligent water surface cleaning robot that allows you to easily remove leaves and other objects floating on your pool. All with solar power: not only does it save time and energy, but it is extremely green.

At the conference dedicated to the Messe Berlin, Aiper explained to us that the Surfer S1 it travels rapidly on the surface of the water, picking up debris of all kinds that float to the surface. All with extreme simplicity: you can control it with a free mobile app for Android and iOS.

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Richard Wang, CEO and founder of Aiper Global, comments: “Owning a swimming pool is supposed to be fun, but the reality is that maintaining it can be a laborious, costly and time-consuming task. We want your pool to be at the heart of transforming your garden into a private oasis and place to relax. That’s why we invested heavily in R&D to produce cleaning products that combine technology and innovative design, creating pool cleaning solutions that are easy to use and able to give you back your time. Aiper will take care of the dirty work, so you can spend more time having fun with friends and family in a crystal clear pool”.

Floating comfort

Aiper explained during the conference at IFA 2023 that the Surfer S1 works in pools of all shapes and sizes. The skimmer robot glides across the surface of the water to collect leaves, bugs, hair, flower petals. The operation is also very interesting, given that it moves the motorized blades thanks to solar energy. Aiper explains that you can clean the surface of the water for 10 hours: enough even for the largest pools. The robot has pillars to avoid blockages and has two ultrasonic wave sensors. In this way, it avoids collisions with edges or ladders.

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Aiper has also created a free mobile app. This way you can schedule cleanings, monitor performance, battery levels. You can also choose between automatic cleaning and remote cleaning by manually controlling the device via the app. This way you can also bring it closer to the edge to remove the collected debris. Without having to enter the water with the net in hand or use uncomfortable extensions.

The Seagull series, complete pool cleaning

Aiper also brings to IFA 2023 its line of robot pool cleaner Seagull series. There are Seagull Pro, Seagull Plus e Seagull SE. The Pro model is designed for large pools. Also because with WavePath navigation technology and the world’s first quadruple motor system it cleans both the bottom and the walls.

The Seagull Plus, on the other hand, works great for medium-sized pools, while the Seagull SE for smaller ones, cleaning the bottoms easily and limiting the filtering work of the pool. Below you will find the video of our test of Aiper Seagull Plus.

Prices and availability

He Surfer S1 will arrive first quarter of 2024 in version bianca e nera (for now we only have the price in dollars, set at $599.99 – we will update you). Instead, you can already buy the Seagull series, with prices that vary yes €299 is €899. You can buy them on, Amazon and some selected retailers.

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