Air conditioner: how to save money and make it more efficient

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With the arrival of scorching heat, the conditioner becomes an indispensable ally for well-being in homes and workplaces: here are the tips on how to save money and make it more efficient.

How to save energy and optimize the use of the air conditioner

The air conditioning sector has recorded a strong increase in Italy, with a turnover of over 3 billion euros. A trend favored by tax incentives, but also by the increase in heat waves and by the regulations that stimulate the production of ever more efficient appliances. However, rising energy costs require consumers to pay attention to consumption and therefore to the efficiency of the appliances.

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To guarantee a good level of cooling in your home, it is not enough to choose the most suitable model and type of air conditioner. You also have to follow some precautions which allow you to keep the air conditioners performing even after years of use. Italtherm, a leading Italian company in the production of air conditioning systems, has drawn up a 5-point guide for the good maintenance of your air conditioner and how to save money by optimizing its use.

Key word: maintenance

  • Dedicate yourself to periodic cleaning of the splits and filters. To keep your air conditioner clean and efficient, you should wash the split and filters at least once a year with soap and water, and more often if you use the machine continuously. This prevents mould, bacteria and unpleasant odours.
  • Use antibacterial filters for air quality. If not properly maintained, air conditioners can become a repository of microorganisms harmful to health, such as moulds, bacteria and the dangerous legionella. For this reason, in addition to ordinary cleaning, it is recommended to install antibacterial filters in the unit, which use activated carbon to prevent pathogens from proliferating.
  • Remember to clean the outdoor unit. The outdoor unit of the air conditioner should be cleaned regularly to avoid motor failure and loss of efficiency. A broom, vacuum cleaner and cloth with degreasing soap can be used to remove dust, debris and blockages.
  • Check for gas leaks. If the air conditioner does not cool well, there may be a lack of refrigerant gas, which must be refilled by a professional. Before calling the technician, check that the indoor and outdoor units are clean and free from obstructions. If everything is in order, the air conditioner may be out.
  • Use the air conditioner in a “smart” way. To have optimal environmental comfort, you need to use the air conditioner intelligently. This means don’t turn the temperature down too much, don’t keep it on for too long, use night modes and dehumidification if needed.

Italtherm pure climate

Choosing an intelligent air conditioner: Clima Pure +

Among the Italtherm products, it stands out Climate Pure +, the ideal air conditioner for residential homes, which offers high performance and safety. With class A +++, it offers maximum energy efficiency allowing you to save up to 70% the consumption in the bill, both in heating and in cooling.

Clima Pure + is equipped with an air purifier with ionizer, which generates more than 3 trillion positive and negative ions per cubic meter, eliminating bacteria and ensuring clean and healthy air. The self-cleaning function limits the need for routine maintenance. And it is also equipped with an alarm that signals any gas leaks and a self-diagnosis system that optimizes its operation. It’s also very quiet: less than 19dBA of noise in Silent mode, with 75% less vibration than a traditional compressor.

Last but not least, Clima Pure + is an intelligent air conditioner: thanks to Kit Wi-Fi per NetHome Plus, each indoor unit can be controlled via smartphone and tablet with a simple app. You can program the switching on and off in different ways, to always find the desired temperature when you return home. The device finally comes with features that make it ecological, such as the use of environmentally friendly R32 gas and energy-saving functions. Inverter technology also allows access to various incentives that make it convenient from an economic point of view.

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