Airbus unveils immersive collaboration concept at Paris Air Show

Airbus svela il concept di collaborazione immersiva al Paris Air Show thumbnail

Airbus is creating a new dimension of digital collaboration by designing a solution pioneering collaboration for the sector and which he presented to the Paris Air Show. The new technology takes advantage of the technologies of mixed reality for aircraft interior customization.

Airbus unveils mixed reality concept for Paris Air Show

This new concept will allow Airbus to define aircraft cabins in a more effective and engaging wayfacilitating real-time and remote interactions with customers in an immersive virtual world.

Users will be able to experiment different cabin equipment choices and evaluate different interior configurationsmaterials or colors, thanks to holograms inserted in a 3D environment. All users, wherever they are, will be able to communicate easily and in real time.

“Airbus immersive remote collaboration” solution is planned for industrialization on the A320 Family by 2025, paving the way for more mixed reality industrial applications for other commercial aircraft and helicopter programs. This innovative concept is based on Airbus’ experience with mixed reality technology in industrial environments and on highly accurate display of aircraft interiors.

Airbus’ ambition is precisely to implement a fully digital end-to-end approach for its industrial operations. In this way, the company aims to improve the quality of aircraft design, support the increase in production and increase customer satisfaction.

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