AirPod Max, HomePod mini and AirPods “Lite” to be released in 2024

AirPod Max, HomePod mini e AirPods "Lite" in produzione nel 2024 thumbnail

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Apple could renew its audio products starting from the second half of 2024: according to rumors, they will go into production AirPod Max, HomePod mini and a couple of cheap AirPods. The output of the products should be fbetween the end of 2024 and the beginning of 2025.

AirPod Max, HomePod mini and cheap AirPods coming in 2024-2025

Apple analyst MingChi Kuo he has declared that Apple seems intent on updating its audio products starting from the second half of 2024. In particular, we should see (and especially hear) a new model of AirPods Max, the second generation HomePod mini and a pair of less expensive AirPods.

Shipments of these products would start between the end of 2024 and the first half of 2025. After seeing the arrival of HomePod (second generation) a few days ago and AirPods Pro arriving at the end of 2022, lApple will take its time updating the audio products in its range.

The first model of AirPods Max debuted in December 2020, so a late 2024 update would come after more than four years. Perhaps however Apple could update the colors of the over-the-ear headphones line.

Also l‘HomePod mini debuted in November 2020, although it launched new color options a year later in November 2021. In addition, Apple with the new software update also unlocked the temperature and humidity sensing features.

Kuo had already mentioned the idea of ​​low-cost AirPods coming in 2024, maybe calls “AirPods Lite”. They would have smaller versions than the current AirPods in such a way that they can arrive on the market for the price of 99 dollars.

We shouldn’t see any of these products before the end of 2024 or in the first half of 2025, so we’ll have time to find out new details about these products. We will keep you posted.

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