AirTag, it becomes easier to find unknown trackers

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Apple update the Firmware di AirTagso that it becomes easier to find the unknown trackers following a notification sound. By using a higher volume, you can easily find unwanted AirTags. Avoiding that anyone can track your movements.

Apple modifies AirTag firmware, new sound to find unwanted ones

Since launching its trackers, Apple has made several changes. With the aim of making it clear that AirTags are for find lost objects, do not follow people. In fact, in February it introduced mechanisms to avoid stalking, some of which came with the update of iOS 15.4 in March.

Among these changes is now the possibility of using the loudest tones possible for more easily locate unknown AirTagswhich may have put you on to follow your movements.

In the support document published at the release of the firmware, Apple explained that “at the moment, iOS users who receive an unwanted tracking notification can ring the unknown AirTag to find it. We will adjust the tone sequence to use the loudest tones that make the unknown AirTag easier to find ”.

According to the company, the update began on Tuesday with 1% of devices. It will rise to 10% by May 3, and then reach 25% by May 9. Everyone should have the new firmware available by 13 May.

With this feature, Apple tries to avoid this dangerous use of its technology. Hoping that it will be enough to prevent AirTags from becoming tools for stalkers. But let them stay perfect for the careless.

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