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Akko 3068B review: the 65% complete and economical keyboard

In this review we will analyze the new Akko 3068B: a keyboard with a 65% form factor, with wireless connection, Bluetooth 5.0, “hot swappable” switch and much more

Mechanical keyboards, especially the smaller ones of the classic “full size” ones, are lately very popular in the various desk setups. Although the propensity to switch from a classic membrane keyboard to a mechanical device has been around for some time, it is only recently that many users have decided to rely on less “commercial” brands to continue towards their ideal keyboard.

What we have defined commercial are, more often than not, the various mechanical keyboards passed off as “gaming”. And if you didn’t know the field, a question like “what’s wrong with them would come up automatically?”. The answer is very simple; aside from the brand surcharges, these often feature unconvincing switches and a series of poor quality components.

There are, in fact, numerous parts to which to pay attention to choose your own device aimed at writing, rather than working with computer programs or the videogame world. Between switches, keycaps, mods and so on, initially the chances of disorientation are really high. It is for this reason that many users resort to pre-made and, many times, commercial keyboards.

And it is precisely here that it comes to meet us Akko. The company founded in China in 2016 mainly deals with mechanical keyboards and its various components. What we have had the opportunity to test is theirs Akko 3068B. This is, as the name implies, a 68-key with all the necessary connectivity and various interesting features, offered at a very competitive price. If it will be the perfect all-in-one, however, you will find out by reading this review.

Akko 3068B review: the 65% complete and economical keyboard

Technical specifications

  • Connection: Bluetooth 5.0 / USB / 2.4Ghz
  • Interface: Type-C to USB-A
  • Battery capacity: 1800mAh
  • N-Key Rollover: sì
  • Multimedia keys: yes
  • Presence of the software: yes
  • Keycaps in PBT doubleshot
  • Lighting: RGB
  • Lighting styles: 20 basic (can be increased with software)
  • Compatibility with virtually all operating systems

Unboxing – Akko 3068B Review

Let’s start, as always, with the presentation of the product. The packaging of this keyboard recalls the colors of the installed keycaps. This presents the various abbreviations of the case, including the “Hot Swap” stamp which anticipates the possibility of easily replacing the switches.

The upper side contains various stickers, including the one that ascertains the originality of the product, while on the side we are specified the type of switches present inside, in our case the “CS Jelly Pink“.

Finally, the back of the box allows us to understand the combination of keys useful for activating the shortcuts by pressing the “FN” key: a sort of quick guide to get an idea of ​​the possible basic combinations.

Once the package is opened, we will find the well-protected keyboard in front of us. This, in fact, is covered by the classic black sponge (put almost on purpose to modulate the latter ^^), a plastic cover to preserve the keys and a very soft plastic bag that wraps the product.


Above the keyboard we will find instead a long box containing: the USB type A cable on one end and type C cable on the other (with gold-plated ends), i keycaps in “Pink” color and also a classic key puller. Clearly, there is also an instruction booklet (in Chinese and English) in addition to the dongle for wireless connection. In the cardboard box in which the keyboard arrived, there was also one plier green color time to extract the switches.

The Keyboard – Akko 3068B Review

Once taken in hand, the first impression the keyboard gave us was that it was really sturdy. Although the components may be misleading, the product is really tough. With a base weight of about 0.64kg and dimensions measuring 31.6cm wide, 10.7cm deep and 3 to 3.9cm high, the device is a nice “compact brick” (in the positive sense of the term ).

The outer shell It is made completely made of plastic with satin effect. The same material then used for the band that runs along the perimeter and has the AKKO logo in violet color. On the right we find the three holes for the LEDs that will indicate if the caps lock is active, rather than the connection mode used. Finally, in the rear part, on the left, there is a small cavity to allow the cable connection.

On the bottom we find instead ben four fairly long rubber feet (just under 4cm), lo switch “on-off” to turn on the keyboard and use it wirelessly, in addition to two feet on each side, can be opened to lift the device by 0.5cm or 1.5cm.

We have used the keyboard almost always in wireless mode, with a 2.4Ghz connection. The battery is practically infinite. Having kept it in charge only the night before using it for the first time, it has been with us for almost two weeks despite the backlight that is activated at the touch of the keys. The only drawbacks we encountered were occasional disconnections at first, perhaps due to some interference, eliminate then by inserting the receiver into the USB hub placed under the desk. Mode increases battery life stand-bywhich is activated after several minutes of inactivity.

Excellent Bluetooth connectivity. Connecting it to an Android smartphone we did not notice any kind of problem. The ability to switch from one device to another is a big plus, as well as very simple since it consists of pressing the “FN” key + the corresponding letter.


The software is called “Akko Cloud Driver”And can only be used with the keyboard connected in wired mode. Thanks to this program we will be able to map the various keys to our liking, attributing functions in particular or applying the latter of the dedicated macros.

Beyond that, we will be able to vary the backlight, by editing presets already existing with color combinations in particular, rather than illuminating just a few keys we have chosen. Clearly, we can change the intensitybut also the duration of the various effects. From the personalization side, therefore, super approved!

Finally, again from the software, we will be able to check the updates, thus not risking losing any improvements. In general, it is a software reduced to the bone, but which allows us to carry out the most useful actions.

Akko 3068B review: the 65% complete and economical keyboard

Keycaps – Akko 3068B Review

The material of the keycaps applied on the keyboard is a PBT with doubleshot processing. In case you didn’t know, the keys are mainly made of two different materials: ABS and PBT. The first requires lower processing costs but, over time, tends to become shiny and yellow. PBT, on the other hand, is far more resistant and, although after several years it may tend to be slightly yellow, it will retain its opaque nature.

The doubleshot mechanism, on the other hand, means that the realization of the keycaps requires two molds in which two different sections will be placed which will then form the latter. This process, in addition to increasing durability, allows for clearer characters that will not disintegrate over time.

The set “Black&Pink“Can be purchased on the site. The prevailing hue covering letters, numbers and special characters is a dark gray. I function keys are instead of black color. As you can see from the pictures, the keys provided in pink are quite a lot. In addition to the space bar, and keys such as “bakspace”, the directional arrows, rather than “enter”, there are keys with custom logos, in case we want to customize the keyboard in a more particular way. While on the basic keys the characters are in pink color, on the pink keys, on the contrary, the characters are black.

The profile And “ASA” typeso they enjoy a certain angle that changes according to the position of the key. Their hollow shape in the center makes them very pleasant in the field of writing. We also carried out some tests in the gaming sector with the very recent Lost Ark and we were not disappointed there either! Moving on to personal opinions, this coloring is really beautiful and elegant. Even if you do not insert the optional pink keys, it remains clean but still special. However, adding the latter in some sections (as we did) definitely changes the face. Finally, the font used is clear and pleasant.

Internal Components – Akko 3068B Review

When you own a mechanical keyboard of this type, it is almost mandatory to open it to analyze everything in detail. Spoiler: this is what we did first of all, extracting the keys thanks to the accessory supplied in the package and, once done, we found ourselves in front of the various switches, in addition to the stabilizers. In purple color, the latter I’m ok, nothing that will make you cry for a miracle. We appreciated, however, the factory pre-lubrication.

The plate positioned above the PCB is metal and is anchored to the plastic case by only 3 screws. Speaking purely of the aesthetic point of view, we did not particularly appreciate the choice of the color of the plate. This white / gray is present only in this section and the fact that it is visible between the various keys did not convince us at all. We would have preferred it to be black or at least dark gray.

Leaving aside the external part, we proceeded with the disassembly of the product. Using the classic “smartphone” tools we leveraged the profile which, with a little force, came off. Once the three screws have been unscrewed, we will be ready to take out the PCB together with the plate. From here we have already noticed the precautions set by Akko. In fact, between the two components we find one consistent foam to improve the overall sound and do not let the two sections touch.

Raising the latter, however, we find another very thin sponge, which will try to overcome the possible thud of empty plastic. Clearly below there will be the 1800mAh battery, also with two sponge stickers on the surface, to prevent the motherboard from coming into contact with it. Given the ease of disassembly, it seemed right to us, at this point, to carry out some small changes.


Let’s be clear: do not expect extravagant mods or mods that upset the nature of the keyboard, also because the sound of the latter is really pleasant once it comes out of the box. Taking advantage of the sponge used for its own packagingBut, we decided to cover the entire internal case, going to replace the one already present. To perform this trick, simply cut the sponge of the desired size, make holes in conjunction with the interlocking points, as well as in the point where there is the USB input and the button for switching the keyboard on or off.

In addition to this change, we also covered the bottom …

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