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Alan Wake 2: the number of chapters in the game

The chapters are just a number, just as the one in which the protagonist writes is just a room: this is how long Alan Wake 2 lasts

The Remedy Entertainment development team stated that Alan Wake 2 it is his biggest project ever, and although this definition remains reductive it is natural to ask what it is the number of chapters. Bear in mind that there are now two playable characters (the eponymous writer and the newcomer Saga Anderson), the world to explore is larger and, in general, the adventure exceeds the average narrative experience in length, especially counting the objects to collect. You can switch between protagonists at almost any point in their related stories, but that’s it completing both that the mosaic takes shape. How long does it take, in a nutshell? Eh… let’s talk about it.

Duration | Alan Wake 2, the number of chapters and more

Perhaps, instead of knowing exactly the number of chapters in Alan Wake 2, you are more open-minded and just need to know the actual duration at all. If you focus on the plot alone, we’re talking about about twenty hours about. In case you want to improvise as an expert speedrunner, then, it’s a different matter and the estimate falls on eleven and a half hours. Just remember that, again, there are two heroes. Saga is responsible for investigating and gathering evidence in her Mental Place. Alan, for his part, experiences a delirious journey (we would say “trip” but the cup has already been taken) in which escapism through writing becomes more literal, while illuminating the environment helps to show the different paths.

Alan Wake 2: the number of chapters in the game

The fat | Alan Wake 2, the number of chapters and more

Maybe instead you aren’t as good-natured as we imagined and you really want to know how many chapters are in the game. There are two main story arcs: Returnin which the protagonist Saga ventures into the real world exploring locations such as Bright Falls, ed Initiation, in which Alan Wake is found in the Dark Place. You wanted a list, and here it is.

Saga Chapters (Return):

  • The sect
  • Invitation
  • The heart
  • Local girl
  • There’s no talking about it
  • Old Gods
  • Scratch
  • Evocation
  • Deer Festival
  • At home
  • Alan (Initiation) Chapters:

  • Late night
  • Casey
  • Torment
  • Let’s sing
  • Stanza 665
  • Return
  • Masks
  • Zane’s movie
  • There is no more
  • Alan Wake 2: the number of chapters in the game

    For completionists | Alan Wake 2, the number of chapters and more

    And so now you know that, conclusion aside, Saga has ten chapters to get through while Alan finds himself with nine under hand, for a total (endgame permitting) of 19. You can stop reading here, right? No, you can’t get away with that little, not if you have that little ambition to aim for 100%. If you’re paying attention, the game is full of things to do. In addition to completing the story, there is no shortage of items to collect. For Sagathere are Alex Casey’s Lunch Boxes (weapon-enhancing materials), Cult Chests (which require solving puzzles), Nursery Rhymes (more doll puzzles), and Manuscript Pages (narrated by Alan). His instead it boasts Echoes (which unlock scenes) and Words of Power (with which you can obtain points for the following parameters: repair, weapons, war, objects, help, action, lamp). The estimate thus rises to thirty hours!

    Alan Wake 2: the number of chapters in the game

    Back it up and do it again

    Now that you have read all the chapters of this extraordinary story, Alan Wake 2 has no more secrets for you… and you will want to replay it knowing “how it ends”, right? Well done: the New Game Plus coming in a future update! With this mode you can set off again, taking weapons and improvements with you on a whole new adventure. The New Game Plus will not be alone: ​​there will also be a completely new difficulty and a “different” narrative with new Pages and videos to discover. There’s no release date yet, but it will be worth revisiting the game to “get your hands on it” with a dish that will surely pop up again at the Game Awards.

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