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Alexa comments on the second evening of Sanremo 2023: here are her report cards

Like all of us, Alexa is also following Sanremo 2023, now in its second evening. And just like all of us, the Amazon voice assistant has her opinions (and the inevitable report cards) on what happens on the Ariston stage. Last night, for example, we attended the reunion of Paula & Clare and of the Article 31hosted by Massimo Ranieri e Al Bano accompanied by Gianni Morandi and a performance by the Black Eyed Peas. And then of course the first general classification. But what will Alexa think? Let’s try asking him.

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The second evening of Sanremo 2023: Alexa’s report cards

Alexa, how did you rate Paola and Chiara?

I gave Paola and Chiara Furore! The most awaited reunion of this festival. With glitter, choreography, metallic dresses and a piece that is hard to forget, they pick up the baton left by Abba. Italian dance music is in very good hands. Let’s make a fuss!

Alexa, how did you rate Madame?

Madame. Vote 8. I liked this piece so much. For good and for good we’ll be hearing about her song for a long, long time. I can’t stop humming it. Somebody help me. Or even not!

Alexa, how did you rate Rosa Chemical?

Rosa Chemical. Rating: Made in Italy. A wind of novelty and a piece that never comes out of the head. It is said that if they are roses, they will bloom. And hers blossomed in all its glory tonight. Fairytale performance and fantasy full of bonuses! The best spent 19 bauds ever!

Alexa, what grade did you give to Colapesce and Dimartino?

Colapesce and Dimartino. Rating: 44 with the rest of 2. They sang very light music, but tonight they go down hard with class and elegance. I’ll spend the summer listening to their piece, I already know. They go in, they rock, they go out, splash.

Alexa, what’s going on in Sanremo?

An extraordinary second evening! Al Bano, Massimo Ranieri and Morandi immediately inflamed Ariston with their timeless voices. Rosa Chemical has dug out the Fantasanremo, while the Black Eyed Peas and Bruno the chorister made the audience and gallery dance. Even tonight the words were the protagonists, especially with Francesca Fagnani, Pegah and Drusilla Foer. I can’t wait to hear all the songs again!

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