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Alexa lets you talk to Santa Claus

Amazon announces many novelties in sight for the holidays, give them Christmas specials on Fire TV up to the possibility of asking for ad Alexa to let you talk to Santa Claus. And that’s not all: you can ask for stories, Christmas-themed jokes and even ask for suggestions for gifts to put under the tree.

Alexa and Fire TV get you in the mood for Christmas

Alexa always knows what to answer and during Christmas this is even more true. In fact, you can askAlexa, tell me a Christmas joke” to hear fun anecdotes about Santa Claus, the Befana and many others. And you can also ask to hear a beautiful Christmas song. For example by asking “Alexa, can you sing a Christmas song” or “Alexa, sing Jingle Bells”. The voice assistant will duet with none other than Santa Claus.

And if you ask to speak to good old Santa Claus, Alexa will put you in direct contact with the North Pole: you can check, for example, where find the reindeer sleigh, or ask if Santa Claus knows what to bring to the little ones for Christmas.

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In addition to songs with Santa Claus, you can ask the Amazon assistant for stories and adventures, or simply how much is left for the holidays. I activating Amazon Kids su Alexa, you can disable the purchase voice when the children speak. So if they ask “Alexa, what can I get my parents/grandparents for Christmas?” they will receive advice, without risking loading gifts on your credit card.

In addition to Alexa, you can take advantage of the Fire TV Stick 4K Max to follow all the Christmas programming and get ready for the holidays. There are tons of special content, such as LOL Xmas Special: Who laughs is out, con Mara Maionchi, Frank Matano, Maria Di Biase, Michela Giraud, Mago Forest and Lillo Petrolo.

Also you can see the Original Movies coming soon as Something from Tiffany’s, YourChristmas or Mine e Improvvisamente Natale, with many Italian actors. And then many other Christmas classics, from The Grinch as far as Christmas holidays 95.

In short, Amazon is preparing big for Christmas. By the way: have you seen our section dedicated to gifts?

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