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Alexa presents the new challenge ‘Discover the Song’

Do you remember Sarabanda? The famous television music quiz that has marked entire generations? Well, the new Alexa Skill will allow everyone to guess the most popular songs, ensuring maximum fun with family and friends. Rankings are also provided for the entire community.

Alexa presents the game ‘Discover the Song’

Music lovers, record collectors, curious about group games, nostalgic for Sarabanda: this feature is for you. He arrives Discover the Song, the new Alexa skill developed by B4 in collaboration with Sony Music Entertainment Italy.

As the name suggests, you will have to guess title and artist name, to earn points and climb the monthly community rankings. Guess the Song is the perfect pastime for evenings with family or friends, where you can conquer the scepter of undisputed connoisseur of music.

To start the game just ask “Alexa, open Discover the Song”, or “Alexa, start Discover the Song”. At that point one of the over 2000 songs in the catalog, recognizing it will earn 20 points. To answer you can use one of the following methods: “The song is TITLE of ARTIST”, “I think the song is TITLE of ARTIST”, or “It should be TITLE of ARTIST”.

Amazon is keen to point out that winning isn’t the only thing that matters. In fact, by playing, you train your memory and expand your musical knowledge. The new Alexa skill will then allow you to discover new talents, thanks to a library of over 2000 songs that collects the most beautiful music of classical and modern, Italian and international artists. The first 300 songs are free, selected from the most successful ones. To increase the difficulty level and volume of your music library, the Skill allows you to purchase 3 more packs with over 1800 songs for just € 3.20 (small pack), € 4.80 (medium pack) and € 6.40 (large pack).

For more information, please refer to the site dedicated to Discover the Song.

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