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Alexa routines are also arriving on Amazon Kids

The routines and all the artificial intelligence of Alexa arrives on the profiles Amazon Kids, designed for children between 3 and 12 years. For children, all you have to do is contact the virtual assistant to get all the smart features, without sacrificing safety.

Alexa routines are also arriving on Amazon Kids

The Amazon Kids service is available for free on all compatible Echo devices and can be activated by saying “Alexa, apri Amazon Kids!”. The goal of the service is to create a safe and fun environment for the children from 3 to 12 years old. That they can play, learn and interact with Alexa together with adults.

In addition to the existing features, it is now possible to create Personalized routines. Which allow you to combine several actions into one activity to save time. Parents can create the Routines that best suit their children’s needs.

To create a profile for a child, you need follow a few simple steps on the Alexa app. On the app go to ‘Settings‘, Then ‘Your profile and your family‘, then add a person and select ‘Bambino‘ and then ‘add‘. After creating the profile, parental permission is required. Just go to the child’s profile and put ‘Ok’ in the section ‘Parental permission‘.

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Routines can be used for everyday tasks such as waking up with a nursery rhyme or with the initials of your favorite cartoon. Playlists dedicated to children are available on Amazon Music such as Disney Hits and Cartoon Themes. To listen to a story before falling asleep, just create a special Routine and say “Alexa, good night!”. Smart devices integrated with Alexa can also be used to turn off room lights at a pre-set time.

To create Routines, just click on “More” in the app and then add a Routine following the guided process.

Find more information on how to use Alexa with the little ones on this page.

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