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Alexa will notify us if we have guests or couriers at the door

Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexacan now notify us if there are people or packages in front of the door of the house, checking through the security cameras or smart video intercoms. Like a butler, he will notify us when someone or something is in front of the entrance. But unlike any human butler, he will show us the entrance on the Echo smart displays or the Fire TV.

Amazon Alexa will notify us when there are people or packages in front of the front door

The new people recognition functionality arrives for video intercoms and security cameras such as Ring, Google Nest of AbodAnd. And having released the APIs, Amazon expects more and more new products to use this functionality.

You can also activate one routine taking advantage of this new feature. For example, you can turn on the light in front of the house when someone arrives, for awelcome guests and annoy any intrusorsi.

The recognition of the parcels for now comes for the video intercoms Ring and for security cameras Abodewhile this is not the case for video cameras Google Nest (even if Google intercoms already have this native function).

Some, like Google, will leave free the ability to recognize people with cameras, while Ring and Abode will require a subscription to use this feature. At the moment Amazon has announced the prices of collaborations for the United States, but we will update you when those for Italy arrive.

At the moment Alexa announces guests if they ring the doorbell, but with this new feature you should get the feed even if the courier doesn’t intercom. Or in case there are some people who cannot find the bell. An extra feature, that makes Alexa a little more useful. And that you can activate from the Alexa app on your smartphone.

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