Alibaba Group: carbon neutrality goal in 2030

Alibaba Group: obiettivo carbon neutrality nel 2030 thumbnail

Alibaba Group announced the goal of achieve carbon neutrality in the near future for their own activities. This objective, according to the company plans, will be achieved by 2030, representing an important target for the future of the group. It should also be noted that Alibaba Group has introduced the goal Scope 3+. This is a new initiative that aims to facilitate the decarbonization of the entire corporate ecosystem by the next 2035.

Alibaba Group punta alla carbon neutrality

The goal of carbon neutrality represents an important point of reference for the future of Alibaba Group. The company aims at achieve carbon neutrality in 2030. It should also be noted the objective of reducing, within the same year, the emissions of Scope 3, i.e. the indirect emissions due to the company’s activities, by 50% (in comparison with the starting levels recorded in 2020) .

The concept of Scope 3+ is introduced

It should also be noted that Alibaba Group is committed to introducing the Scope 3+ concept which includes the emissions generated by a wider range of participants in the corporate ecosystem and not just the indirect emissions considered by Scope 3. The project linked to Scope 3+ aims to facilitate the decarbonisation of 1.5 gigatons of carbon in the entire corporate ecosystem by 2035. This initiative was definitive “1,5 Gigatones for 1,5°C”.

A new ESG governance framework che will have the task of supervising and supporting the activities to achieve the targets. The infographic below summarizes the group’s goals:

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