Alice, the AI ​​that helps prepare university entrance tests

Alice, l'AI che aiuta a preparare i test d'ammissione all'università thumbnail

Artificial intelligence to prepare for university entrance tests: Test Academy launches Alice. It is a real virtual tutor prepared by the startup expert in preparation for admission tests to medical-health faculties.

Alice, artificial intelligence for university entrance tests

Test Academy In April, it introduced its new virtual tutor on the Futura platform, designed to improve the experience and preparation of students for Tolc – the online tests for accessing university education. Alice helps students understand the explanations of each question in the Futura Simulator and to delve into the theory behind each question. It also provides personalized support in the study of the theoretical concepts of the subjects envisaged by the Tolc.

Andrea Chirolli, CEO of Accademia dei Testexplains: “We have introduced Alice to the platform not to replace the role of the teacher, which indeed remains central and fundamental for the training path of the children, but to provide our students with an even more excellent and quality preparation … The introduction of a virtual assistant was strongly desired because we found the need to fill a gap due to the human factor and to give aspiring doctors the possibility of being supported even when teachers and tutors are not available, such as at the weekend or late in the evening”.

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The Futura platform offers kids the ability to practice without limits. There are around 36,000 quizzes divided by topic and 150 commented simulations, as well as live and recorded lessons. Accademia dei Test ensures 360-degree learning support. But above all it gives the possibility to test one’s preparation with personalized tests on individual subjectswhich adapt to the level of difficulty of each aspiring doctor.

Alice added the possibility to better understand the theoretical concepts of all subjects, aeven when the teachers cannot follow the students. Teachers are still key figures in learning. But the startup realized that the the human factor had its limits. The combination between technology and humanity has created the perfect combination for those who want to be followed in the best possible way in their path to enter university.

More information on the Accademia dei Test website.

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