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All about Morsa del Frelo: the new update of Apex Legends Mobile

A decidedly triumphant launch of Apex Legends Mobile, which celebrates the 23 million players worldwide launching a new update called the Frostbite. The update brings a number of new features to the game, including a brand new Battle Pass and a new Legend: Loba. EA and Respawn Entertainment have also promised more content that will arrive shortly, to celebrate the exponential growth of downloads around the world.

Apex Legends Mobile: All the news of the Bite of Frost update

The update comes together with a new trailer that reveals some of the innovations introduced (which you can find summarized below):

  • A new Legend: Loba, available at Battle Pass level 25. Players can also unlock it separately in the in-game store.
  • Thermal Control: a lander located just above Train Yard on World’s Edge that has the ability to alter the climate at specific POIs. By doing so he is able to bring an early winter to the Apex Games (along with a new freezing grenade). The Air Conditioner turns off and on over the course of a match, blanketing certain areas of World’s Edge with snow and offering players truly freezing rewards. When the Climate Control is active, players can check their mini-map to find frozen loot boxes and collect diamonds to purchase rare items in the Seasonal Shop. Diamonds can also be collected from fallen enemies.
  • New Battle Pass: available in two versions (Premium and Premium Plus)

Here are the contents of the two versions of the Battle Pass


  • 1x Skin of Eternal Legend (Octane – Ice Climber)
  • 2 Legendary Legend skins (Bangalore – Winter Ghillie, Bloodhound – Snow Footprints)
  • 2 Legendary Weapon Skins (EVA-8 Auto Rifle, Devotion LMG)
  • Various item rewards (banners, emoticons, Syndicate packs, etc.)
  • 800 Syndicate Gold

Premium Plus:

  • All the contents of the Battle Pass Premium
  • 80% bonus BP experience gain
  • 500,000 BP Experience (10 BP Levels)
  • Limited Avatar Frame

Our Apex Legends Mobile review reads: “What immediately catches our eye is that the whole Legends experience looks like something new. As if it were a spin-off game, which seeks no comparison with its console or PC counterpart. Apex Legends Mobile is indeed one stand alonewith its events, its updates and even an exclusive legend: Fade. This will be unlockable by getting all the various fragments and continuing through the levels by accumulating XP points. These will in fact allow us to unlock new game modes. Other known legends present at launch are: Bangalore, Bloodhound, Caustic, Gibraltar, Lifeline, Mirage, Octane, Pathfinder e Wraith. Each of these will be characterized by unique abilities and characteristics “.

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