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All Possible As Dusk Falls Endings: The Ultimate Guide

Have you played As Dusk Falls and are now curious about all the possible endings? Welcome to the club, and this article is just what you’ve been looking for. The plot of the game places us in front of countless choicesoften of an ethical-moral character, which influence the course of history (and the fate of the various characters).

Let’s see what are the possible endings of all the protagonists of the game.

All possible endings of the characters of As Dusk Falls

In this list, that will come constantly updated with each discovery, you will find the destinies of the individual characters.

Jay Holt

Jay As Dusk Falls

The fate of Jay, the youngest of the Holt brothers, depends on the Zoe’s choices in the second book of the game. At the moment the uncovered endings are three:

  • Jay rimane in Canada
  • Jay is arrested and sentenced to death

To stay in Canada, Jay will have to save his father Bear and get Zoe’s forgiveness. If the girl decides not to forgive him, calling the police, Jay will be arrested.

Michelle, Vince and their relationship

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The possible fates of the couple are many, and the same goes for their marriage.

Vince’s possible endings are:

  • Vince sues the airline, opens his own flight school
  • Vince settles with the airline, takes an office job
  • Vince dies

If Jay saves his father Bear’s life, in the flashbacks of Book 1, the latter will not kill Vince.


  • Michelle survives the events of the Desert Dream Motel
  • Michelle dies as a hostage at the Desert Dream Motel

Her fate depends on how Vince behaves when Michelle is being held at gunpoint by Dale.

Their relationship:

  • Vince and Michelle save their marriage
  • The two divorce
  • Vince finds himself only after Michelle’s death at the Desert Dream Motel

To save the marriage, Vince must decide to forgive Michelle, sue the airline, and prevent her from being killed at the Motel.

Tyler Holt

As Dusk Falls Tyler

  • Tyler is arrested
  • Tyler goes fugitive and gets a job on an oil rig

The decision about Tyler’s fate is all in Jay’s actions in Book 2: if the boy helps Tyler climb the branch in the woods, and doesn’t reveal the location of the hiding place to the sheriff, Tyler will be able to escape.


Sharon As Dusk Falls

The fate of Sharon, mother of the Holt brothers, depends on how their escape ends:

  • Sharon flees abroad with Paul, becoming a fugitive
  • Sharon ends up in jail

To allow her to escape it will be necessary to hide the evidence from Dante in Book 2 Chapter 5 (bra and cigarettes). While the sheriff prepares the coffee, the glasses must also be hidden. We must then warn Dante that Sharon is about to stab him, and help the woman snatch the gun away from the sheriff. At that point Sharon will manage to escape with the money, and she and Paul will have an ending on a beach in a foreign country.

Dale Holt

As Dusk Falls recensione

Dale dies regardless of the choices made by the player. After the pizza delivery to the motel, Dale goes out to negotiate with Dante, taking Vince as a hostage. The latter notices a sniper in the distance. If the player decides not to warn Dale, the sniper will shoot, killing him. Instead, if it is decided to warn him, Dale will die in a subsequent shooting with the police.

If Bear Holt, his father, is still alive at the end of the game, he will be seen placing flowers on Dale’s grave.

Paul and Joyce

As Dusk Falls paul Joyce

Paul has two possible endings, which essentially depend on the choices made in Book 2 (read the Sharon section above):

  • Subtract Two Rocks if Dante arrests Sharon
  • He escapes with Sharon abroad and the two become fugitives

Joyce’s fate depends on Vince’s actions in the hostage situation in Book 1.

  • Joyce dies because Tyler shoots her
  • Vince manages to calm Joyce down, and she escapes unharmed from her Motel during the fire


As Dusk Falls 1

Under all circumstances Dante survives. However, the possible endings of As Dusk Falls concern his career:

  • Dante arrests Sharon and his corrupt sheriff’s career continues
  • Sharon escapes and Dante loses his job

Also in this case it will all depend on the choices made in Book 2 Chapter 5 (read the paragraph dedicated to Sharon above)


As Dusk Falls Jim

As with Dale, Jim’s fate is independent of the player’s decisions. The elder hides many secrets and will die murdered by the mysterious stalker in his apartment (in Book 2).


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Zoe’s ending isn’t necessarily influenced by player choices, but in the second book she will play a fundamental role in Jay’s destiny. After receiving Jay’s letters for two years, Zoe (now grown up) travels to Canada to meet him. Here you can decide whether to forgive the boy or call the police.

In the first case Jay will stay in Canada, in the second he will be arrested and sentenced to death. In the latter scenario, Zoe will witness the execution.

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