Tutti gli annunci live dell'evento Apple: iPhone SE, iPad Air e non solo thumbnail

All the announcements of the Apple event: iPhone SE, iPad Air and more

Apple did many ads really interesting all’evento Peek Performance today: news in the field iPhone, iPad e Mac. La Mela has introduced several new devices: iPhone SE third generation, iPad Air of fifth. Then . All interesting products those announced today in streaming to the whole world from Apple Park in Cupertino, which we can’t wait to try. But let’s find out the details of this presentation. We will cover the live event, posting after each product or service announced.

Apple: All the announcements of the Peek Performance event

Also this year Apple will organize more events to showcase its products. After today’s Peek Perfomance event, packed with exciting announcements, Apple will be showcasing new products at the WorldWide Developers Conference (WWDC 2022). And then in September an event for iPhone and Apple Watch, with the concrete possibility of another event before the event of the year. The Apple has many announcements to make in this technology-rich 2022 and already from today’s conference it shows.

Apple announcements at Peek Performance event, our live coverage

At 19 Italian (even if atApple Park in Cupertino it’s only ten in the morning) the Peek Performance event begins. The video shows the color lines that form the Apple logo already seen in the press material, to raise even more the trepidation of the fans with a few seconds of waiting.

An Oscar start with Apple TV +

Finally, Tim Cook welcomes us and promises new products and services. Starting with Apple TV +, the streaming service that Apple is giving more and more importance to. Cook announces all the nominations received, from BAFTAs for Swan Song to Oscars for The Tragedy of Macbeth and CODA (The Signs of the Heart).

The first announcement is about the upcoming movies coming to Apple’s streaming service, as well as a celebration of the gorgeous films they unveiled over the course of the past year. From the comedy Spirited to Luck, there are many news (also animated) on the way. And then many more titles with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars coming up.

But Tim Cook announces another important news: the arrival of sport. Friday Night Baseball brings quintessential American sport to the streaming service.

iPhone SE (and a new color for iPhone 13)

Cook then goes on to talk about the iPhone, in particular the new iPhone 13 smartphone. A splendid product also in design. For this Apple announces the arrival of two new colors. A ‘wild’ green for iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro with midnight green.

But Cook also talks about the work of Apple’s engineers to create the A15 Bionic chip, the processor of the iPhone 13. But which also arrives on the iPhone SE, the third generation. The new mid-range smartphone will be smaller and cheaper, to reach everyone.

iPhone SE 5G

The A15 chip promises to speed up any operation, both all-day and graphic editing. And almost twice as fast as iPhone 8 with its 6 CPU cores and the graphics power to play games and edit photos and videos to the max. It also has 16 Neural Cores for 26x faster smart operations.

The smartphone has a 4.7-inch Retina HD display and both front and back uses the same glass as the iPhone 13, to withstand everything. The home button has Touch ID for your safety, but also boasts a much longer autonomy. And then use 5G to navigate quickly and without waiting.

The 12MP camera takes advantage of the chip for features like Deep Fusion, Smart HDR 4, Photographic Styles, and the ISP greatly enhances videos. In addition, iPhone SE takes advantage of all the new features of iOS 15.

The price for the United States is $ 429 in the United States and arrives on March 18.

These are all the announcements of the Apple Peek Performance event, really full of news. Which you can explore and, in the next few days, also buy directly from the Apple website. What do you think of the new devices announced and the features introduced today? Tell us in the comments.

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